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For bill murphy at complete homework and time me heard about him right here on superstation one 100room let's get out of the phones and will start with jerry hey jerry houria empire michael very good thank you looking forward to march the 30th fifty fearing hostile looking forward to it as well there are a couple of days i just wanted the show in on the what you were talking about the about opening the door and uh about the bully uh some years ago i uh houewife went into hostile under intensive care nonguarantee lost her and uh we prayed or through that she got to come home she still who have denial and uh and i'm retired trucker but i was uh at that time i was uh dr in and uh house rolling down the road one days in the lower just him just being here i'm just rolling along and he said jerry i want you to start open the door for it and i i'm sorry you break down the drain what to do what he said uh juryo once you start opened the door for excellent yajah and uh and uh and uh nataly recognized it was the 'em fake intake in uh uh civil lord you know i i you know i feel like a pretty good job by the aisle through the door for her eighth come right back at and he said no oh every time you have an opportunity you open the door for her and other women s lord y you know off that i could do a good job in uh and he said when felt open the door for you you go on a just to me a favor deary promised me you'll never tell the story to joy behar up cake but uh yeah i'll pay shoot here anyway seek out here's to here but uh in your way i just what although they brought their how it as to every opportunity to get us that i can do a better job and uh and the other one of those about the bulls you know i was thinking about that you know collumnist in jail and this is demonstrated by great power and strength under control and uh.

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