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He's looking for a good spot for the horse to get back on the beam, and she is very quick, her early pace. Put her right there with city blue vest, possibly pushing things a little bit beyond her comfort zone, And I think we could have a little bit of an upset Their minor upset, too. Over the thick in the night. All right to wrap up the golden made Teo Golden picked six mandatory payout is already doing in 29,000 in the pot and today have to pay it out. So we're going to get on action around the country and in the 10th and file of the pick six. Your thoughts. You don't want to get knocked out on this race yet. Eight horses we need a mile on the turf and typically the ending the ending race on the ending day of a meat on the golden Gate. It's a lot of times it ends with 6250 level going long on the turf, and what you have is trainers kind of after along meet, they're dropping their horses down. A lot of them were dropping into the level for the first time from higher levels. They're always kind of the hard hitters in these types of races. So You have forces that are racing day in and day out at the 60 to 50 level and they have horses coming from the higher level, dropping down and just trying to get a win and get some positive momentum going. On the last day of the meat. The top few horses that were going with you are doing that exactly that pattern, And it's the common one. Ah, top called for us is going to be the number seven ocean fury. He's dropping from 20,000 and 12,500 down to the 62 50 level. But like I said, usually I'd be worried about a class dropped like that. But for some reason on the last day of the meat That is a pattern that plays in kind of a season in and season out the number seven ocean theory again. Top writer Kyle Craig get in the saddle. Jonathan Long top trainer sitting on the turf. And I think he's the one to beat here over the six top of the game. Who is new claim by Ysidro Tamayo. He's fantastic over 30% 34%. When he takes over a horse from the cleaning and just phenomenal. They're so top of the game. He's also ah, very good on our turf course of seven over the six And I think another 20,060 to 50 dropper and looking for an easier spot and a paycheck is number four. Tough it out that we were 764. If you have the budget you might want also look. Att. Most determined who's very sharp right now coming around. Looks like he's about to run a good one. So I went 764 on my ticket. You have a little bit of an extra budget. You might want to look at the five. But that should get you through the golden picnic today, and it should grow quite a bit from that 300,000 so might want to play and have a little fun on the last six races. The Golden Gate. All right. Now, let's switch to the golden hour late pick for you not to make that this new bet It's the final Two races is standing here and you try to help them up with the final two aces at Golden Gate, so that today would be raised nine at San and Data and race. 10 at Sandia and Race nine and 10 at Golden Gate Fields, So let's start with the ninth. Has Sanan ate it. Yeah, the nice of Santa Anita, the $1 Golden Hours League pick before we start with the last two salmon, Nina to be the ninth race. It's a state a Grade two for three year olds, Meilin eighth on the turf course. The Twilight Derby. You got two horses coming in from Churchill Downs. Ah! The Derby Day kind of feature the American turf. Great Tio. I think that's the race you want to be coming out of that featured a really, really strong paste that day just off the charts, Pain And the best three year olds in the country. We're getting smooth, like straight back into town. He's a Southern California horse who shipped out there for that one. And he said, and push that that strong pace I was talking about before settling for fourth. But he was coming off two huge winds before that, including the great three LaToya at Del Mar, beating a lot of these forces that air back into this race today, So I'm Berta was fully top jockey gets back in the saddle. I think it's smooth, like street. And field past on the outside. I the sticks in the ninth, both coming out of that. Like I said, the keys are afraid from church around shipping in the fanny and looking the score here. So the six over the nine In the first leg of the Golden Hours. Pick four. And the ninth race of Golden Gate. He has 1/9 grade school. They are. We will be in the same horses you picked into pick six. Yeah, we'll go with the two possibly upsetting the 6 80 bluegrass will go with the two um Woke up two aces over number six Sadie Bluegrass. I recovered. They tend to Golden Gate and US attempt at Santa Anita for the late pick for So the attempt at Santa Anita is a field of their top level maidens. Nine Horsfield, Bob Baffert's Gotta Couple really well bred one thing here. Ah! Those are the those are the top two. We're going to use number six private mission 9 to 5 in the morning line. He put strain Van Dyke in the saddle. It's $750,000 purchase. Oven into mischief who's just phenomenal with his first time starters? And of course, we know that Bob Baffert A viewing maiden special. Lacey's 37% wind with 218 try, so that's That's a huge sample and a huge win percentage. The workouts looked kind of dominant here. So number six private mission. What were the other first time starter Bob Baffert, frosted through the new sire on the scene, but getting very good over multiple stakes winner Hysterical lady. So number six private mission number seven frosty area, the two bathrooms you want to you, and then we're gonna use one more first time started from the Phil D'Amato barn and Umberto slowly in the saddle number nine at 6 to 1 Highland haven. Workouts aren't as flashy as Baffert. But Phil D'Amato actually gets you ready. He doesn't really flashed the big speed workout like Father does, But he knows how to get you ready and there might be a little bit of a run there at a price, so we're going to go 79 on our $36 ticket and then rule to that final race at Golden Gate. All right, well, good luck today for the mandatory Big six payout. And a golden hour late pick for thanks for being with us. Thank you. And good luck to everybody today on those mandatory payoffs. All right. That was Matt metastases. Speed the year dot com and keep it here on K. We are.

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