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Or that it became all of an american crime story to all of us are so incredibly successful that he basically any idea he has now goes and that includes is reviving boys in the band which is a plate about gay life. He's writing down broadway He i other words. He's really like the guy right now. Who is putting and for. You know who who is really like famous enough to powerful enough. I guess you'd say which which also would be so easy for him to just sit back countless as millions and not do this but the fact that he is shining a light on these stories and hiring the right and hiring people. Because i don't know because this should be told by people transpeople especially of color. That is the most important thing in in doing a show like hose so in this so i'm very excited about this show. Everyone should be very excited about it is. The air doesn't start till this summer but the already started shooting it. I probably order about to start. But the reason i also wanted to talk about it today. Was that ryan murphy. When talking to reporters about this show said that he had a really personal connection to the show because in one scene a character father finds out that he's gay and beats him to leagues bloody with a belt and murphy said that happened to me when i came out. My father did that to me. He That was my coming experience. He beat me until i bled. And i think the the thing that he wanted to convey with talking about that and with bringing that up was he said. I can't believe my life and i can't believe that things have changed so radically in my lifetime. If you asked me if i would be allowed to be married and have children. I would have never believed it. He murphy said he was one of those who had survived and felt a responsibility to provide awareness and support for people who still don't feel included and he also said and this is also someone who when you have power use it correctly. I mean ryan murphy was born with you know i. It sounds like with a lot stacked against him but also wants to do something. Tell us to read correctly. Because he was also frankly born weiss and born cysts and so he said that getting the right people was the one of the most important things for me and my job became to ask questions. I was constantly corrected by the cast by the people involved in the show. Because i was always asking questions and he said growing up i i guess the story of success was the first one is really landed for me with ryan murphy. I love everything this guy does but he was just a way he put it knowing that you've come from such an abusive background and he said i don't have a lot of people who tell me. No now. i used to be told. No fifty thousand times a day. It's a great story. I mean it's. It's something i think that but doing that. But developing that kind of healthy attitude towards being told no 'cause because a lot of people when they go through abusive childhoods then they get an again to position power. They're like no one's ever gonna tell me no again running. They become the a different kind of monsters. Yeah experience childhood but then for him to be like to turn the being told no into like this learning experience instead of like suppression experiences. That's that's thousands of dollars therapy. I mean that's like that's like real fork. This show is co created by steven canals. Who i think also does american horror story or is it american crime story he. I co created one of those and he said we're thrilled. That post pushes the narrative forward by centering on the unique and under told experience of trans women and gay people of color as a bronx bred. Queer writer of color. I'm honored to eight ushering. This groundbreaking show into homes. When you're you're when you're such a force that you'd making this kind of change and you have law and order trying to keep up because they're doing that too. They're doing this anthology thing they did. They're doing the menendez brothers. That's right they were doing that. Ship before ryan murphy did american crime story So changing industry exactly making people make people fear and and hopefully giving people the because how wonderful would it be down the road for a trans person of color to have the empire that ryan murphy has has now are that of many of these people have now that there is only listen. We can talk about it all day. White people carte blanche have more advantages in this country than people. Yeah every kind of White gay white queer everything And so it's unfortunate that there's only one of these power players who is gay. He also happens to be white. So let's bring in the next people. Do you know what i mean. Let's bring in the next men and women who are going to be as he said as innovative is ryan murphy is. He had nothing. But questions for these people. Do you know what i mean. Because he just didn't know so now that we do now that he's truly providing the most thrilling entertainment on television and that to do that he goes to people like steven canal. Like janet. mock like our lady jaye. it's time for those shows and does create content creators to be at the forefront of hollywood. You know what other lesson. I think it sends out there and this should be a lesson for every single person. Who's in a in a position to be marginalized we can never ever ever be against each other. If we have slight differences we can never be against each other because once. Our power is dissolved. Then we don't. We cannot work collectively and the fact that he's got all these people together working together.

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