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I think these critical tones against gogel facebook and twitter well they're going to come we know the chickens are gonna come home to roost and they're going to be forced to report doer we think that the rest of the communication world does um what does that mean bore little idi beatty companies like wine for example that let's say we have uh uh someone come in and buy a political ad across a number of podcast um we might going to be required to do that reporting two it yet to be seen um and those reporting requirements are pre dida pretty strenuous so if you're going to be going down that road you've got to be prepared dither reporting but i think the hammers coming and congress want someone to beat up on uh both parties and they think they're they're going to go after the tech companies but at love to hear from you guys do have you ever been influenced in the way you vote by something you rian peace facebook or something you see on twitter i just i just don't think and may be a small percentage by ditches don't think it's that much to be quite honest and i i might be wrong and uh if so and someone up there can explain to me why am wrong but we do know of some new news reporting up that russianlinked facebook accounts helped staged this a divisive events and deter people linked to those facebook organizer fun events in united states at round divisive topics offing playing both sides of a hotbutton according to the wall street journal the wall street journal site in example in july when a russian base firm organiz to events in the same day the first was the blue lives manner rally to honour fallen police officers in dallas on july seven the other was warned bent near minneapolis reviewable gathered to honored the llandough casteel a black man that was shot fatally by police officer during a traffic stop so.

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