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Morris rooms to base caning dismiss charge morris who saito zafy berbic three not sit down patrick satellite earlier today him one did when the celtics got a one 141 opri win over the philadelphia seventy six years so looking to see if you would put more stock into the south worker share marta coal if the patriots lose to the titans let's get so the other team that's performing at a pretty high level the celtics are now thirty four in ten on the year and it's funny i was just kind of schooling through twitter and guys like brian rob who we know from boston sports journal and reading some of the basketball little roddy who rode broke down this game and i see this from be rob given how bad celtics offense was and how will the sixers played shot in the first eighteen minutes celts have to feel good going into halftime only down nine it is amazing to me to think the at any point in a celtics game were they score one hundred in fourteen points video associate the words bad an offense together now i know that if you follow the nba the ap's when byrd was wearing the not huggers and all that stuff games that got into a one four teams one 20s that was pretty commonplace nowadays in the nba it's not so much even though we know the substance cortana points but it really is amazing the you can look at the celtics and say that it never great offensive night scoring two hundred fourteen points on an opponent those are normally things that they don't go together and i'm looking at the box score now and jaylen brown career being an al horford were all plus in a big way brown plus thirty four irving plus 22 and al horford plus thirty two and cutlery only dropped twenty points it was not a classic kyrghiz performance tonight seven of twenty from.

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