Cohen, Lanny Davis, President Trump discussed on The Drive With Steve Jaxon


Era proportions and that's. What, I was referring. To earlier I mean so. This isn't gonna happen right they're not going to allow twelve billion. Dollars to. Save farmers from something that Trump created well here's the rub there's not a whole lot congress can, do about it because the agriculture department has the authority Do you spend this money in in emergency, measures the congress gave him that authority. And, so. They don't. Need approval from congress to do this here. And basically, the president you know I've, heard? The analogy made is a this is like an arson that's coming in and burning down. Your, house running it. With a bucket of water. And say here let me help you put it up yeah exactly Wow you're based in, Washington right I think so let me. Check, yes We're, going to, be their first week of October were meeting with our friends Lanny Davis and Bill. Press and a bunch of other folks who join us on this show so hopefully you can you please let? Me, know when you're coming in while joined. The gang they're called in yeah we'll all hit for lunch and laugh our asses off in an awfully Lanny Davis will, be, done with the Cohen, thing? By then so he can tell. Us Going to go? On, for us but I'm afraid to he's. With us every Monday but now he can't for a while so he can't be with us, so the but to hopefully He will join us either way Yeah, for lunch or dinner in Washington and he'll, probably just have as people say put your weapons and. Your cell phones on the table and we're off the record and. He can't, tell us that much but anyway it would be great to hook. Up and. Michael keep you. Posted, all, right thanks so much thanks Andy Andy. Field from ABC news in Washington Mike. Thompson congressman joining. Us. Next, on the drive ks arrose Santa Rosa Republicans are saying there is no, way they'll allow, Democrats to delay, confirmation vote for President Trump supreme court Brad Kavanagh Republican John Cornyn saying Democrats are trying to stall until after the November election to delay game is going to be played by our democratic. Colleagues are, going to try to put it off as long as possible With the leaders make clear we're going to have this before this vote on the nomination before the midterm elections Democrats say. They plan to oppose Cavanaugh regardless his nomination is a threat to people of color to women to workers to the LGBTQ community to people living in poverty Senator Elizabeth Warren. President Trump is. Expected to announce twelve billion, dollars in aid to farmers who will be hurt by the trade tariffs the president put, in place against, China but the, plan already facing opposition from fellow Republicans victims of disgrace of.

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