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The release of the moving i'm sorry when harry met sally i am brandon brooks i'll have what you have and that's why hey why don't you news time eight fifty three staples sponsors this traffic and transit updating your brain and we still have delays on the schuylkill expressway westbound direction it can only get better but still pretty backed up approaching paschall avenue after the south street onramp you just gave us though the update on that this oustry on ramp now all completely brio open accident in the right and left lane is now completely out of the way that's west in the schuylkill still jammed pash onto south lanes are open west of this slow city out a pretty much gladwin than approaching 202 earlier accident there now we're turn around and go used in the schuylkill still jammed that's east i seventy six getting on a 202 on ramp slow pretty much stomach alive when picks up in the past contra hawkin and the curve the boulevard down to girard avenue ninety five northbound is getting a lot better a couple of earlier problems kappen avenue exit accident there and then one north of academy all out of the way a bit of a backlog north academy but lanes are all open the southbound lanes remain slow from approaching betsy ross bridge down girard avenue that's just left over from the rush hour other delays include the vine expressway westbound actually racine delays northbound ninety five jammed a north penn's landing getting off with a westbound vine and that delay rick extends out abroad streep also some delays in on 420 to the eastbound direction the east of collegeville on and that's a lot better west and the pa turnpike still jammed approaching with grove out to fort washington when south from the blue from here off the turnpike both south of make of midcounty generally down to south a rich pike everything is improving in delaware county but north 95 or north on the delo on a four seventy six blue route.

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