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A voluntary interview with lawmakers after that the committee subpoenaed Guilfoyle requesting testimony and records It's 8 18 Back over to the traffic center now on Jack Taylor Well earlier in Maryland we'd had some trouble inside the beltway on 50 the John Hanson highway Westbound we'd had some activity at two O two eastbound we had some activity at two O two westbound nothing left to see eastbound one officer remains over on the left shoulder not causing much of a delay 50 west just before the beltway in lanham We'd had reports of a crash may be on the ramp to the inner loop New trouble reported on the ICC eastbound near lay hill road That's a reported crash You'll find university boulevard west and your veers mill road You may be under direction This was reported wreck involving a pedestrian We have an overturned truck out toward Monrovia 70 west as you ride toward 75 in new market the wreck is along the right side stay left to get by You'll also find three 40 westbound between Brunswick and one 80 cleanup of a jackknife tractor trailer had been along the far left side of the roadway I think finally maybe all that activity is finally cleared from the roadway New troubles in Virginia three 95 going northbound after kings street without a reported crash two issues causing some sizable delays 95 going north First your jam trying to get into Fredericksburg up here at the centerport Parkway crashes over on the shoulder that also we had some activity northbound in the main line after the Prince William Parkway off the roadway to the left side Slow downs trying to get into and through the beltway interchange going 66 headed west after the beltway the wreck was along the left side 7 in Sterling eastbound after Sterling boulevard there's a crash the wreck on the fairfax county Parkway north vent under 66 that apparently is now cleared Not least treat north man after 29 left side of the roadway now getting by the crash cleanup For a limited time wipe is offering $100,000 in guaranteed life insurance Visit W AEP a dot org slash 100 K to learn more Jack Taylor TOP traffic My extended even with the chilly start after yesterday especially that sunshine looks pretty good Yeah it is a much nicer day across much of the region across the far northern suburbs.

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