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Had had on my body. I mean, I really don't think I realized the child was getting off. And the only reason I got off initially was to try to kiss, right? And for me, and I was blessed that it happened really fast, but and I was surprised because I thought the same thing, oh, this is going to take forever because I've taken it for so long. So that point, I take it, I don't know, over a decade. But yeah, I think and after I got off of it, I realized I'm like, there's no way I'm getting back on. I had no idea for me it was I could tell a difference in my mood, even when I was pregnant, which is like, you know, your mood's crazy when you're pregnant, but I could just tell like it's something is different. Like my mood is different. I could tell, I had done some labs and stuff on myself. This was about the time when I was doing going through my FDM program. And I did all these labs myself. And I'm like, if I consider myself a pretty healthy person, you know? And I tell these labs and I'm like, oh my gosh. And I know it was from birth control. There's so many things wrong with my gut and, you know, me having gut issues my whole life. I'm like, well, crap, this whole time I've been on birth control, I've just been making things worse. I mean, mineral deficiencies, there's so many things off. And I know it was because of birth control. I know it was. And so yeah, I mean, I never went back on and I was really afraid I was afraid like my skin was gonna freak out. I was afraid of what the periods were gonna be like. And I think that was what kind of solidified it for me. Like, you know, I've got off about whatever and my first period, I'm like, oh, this is gonna be terrible. And it wasn't. Like it was okay. And I'm like, huh. And scare tactics they have. Totally. Yes. And so remember being told that you're gonna gain weight. Yes, absolutely. And I think for me, in my brain that was so processing, like my whole body image thing, you know, I think that was the other piece too, 'cause I think for, I think I thought about it for a while, because I've been reading stuff leading up to before I wanted to have kids. Like, oh, maybe I should have been there and I'm like, that was my thing. Like, I don't want to get off of it because I don't want to gain weight. And I don't want to have terrible periods, because that was initially why I had gotten on me, just had a horrible PMS and it was just terrible. And I think that's why in a lot of clients I work with. That's their thing too. And that's the doctor telling him my client should just send me a message the other day. 'cause she's on 5 or 6 different meds for a bunch of different things in her goal is to get off all of the meds. And so the first one, I'm like, well, let's tackle birth control first. And that's what she was terrified because she was like the doctor was, you know, course tried to talk her out of it and all these things and that was a thing. She's like, your periods are going to be terrible because she also has PCOS, which they say that I don't really know if anyway, that's a whole other thing too, but they're like you're true. And they were. She's like, I barely even had cramps. And we had been working together for about a month before, so I'm sure we had balance out some things, but it's like, but yeah, the scare tactics, I mean, it's really unfortunate. Well, and there's this piece, again, how much dairy and arguably meat in general, it's all pumped with hormones. Totally. Yes. We're eating as a teenage girl. That was probably making all of your symptoms worse. A 100%, a 100%. Well, not to mention, like all of the, I don't know if, I don't know, I would like to know like studies on levels of endocrine disruptors in the 90s and early 2000s, but I bet but that too, I mean, how was I don't know if this is you back in the day, I was dousing my body with that the body works. And all the perfumes and I mean, yes, the body, all that. So it's like crap, there was probably so many things going. So yeah, I think there's so many things that, you know, obviously the doctors aren't going to mention by it. But yeah, so many things that were contributing to why he was having the terrible periods in the first place. Yeah, and I always point out to clients. It's not like that they're just not educated on this. Because it's not part of their curriculum. Exactly. I feel like you're challenging their authorities. Exactly. I'm comfortable and therefore it's just like a no, you really need to kind of, you know, these days there's usually an option of homeopathic doctor or a functional medicine Doctor Who's like at least a little bit more open minded to solve things. And lifestyle. Exactly. Quote unquote medicine. Before we look at all of the prescription drug option, right, exactly. Amazing. So tell us more about what you're doing these days. Specifically, who are you working with in anything else you want to draw the audience's attention? Yeah. So I recently finished my level three reiki training, so I'm really incorporating kind of some energy medicine into what I'm doing and energy work, and that's been really exciting. And that's kind of my goal for this year is to really integrate all of that together. Because that kind of been just kind of piecing things together as my manifesting junior brain is like, oh, what did you watch next? And I'm just kind of grabbing things, but now this is like, okay, now I can kind of put it together in this cohesive. This is me in my how I work kind of thing. And so the energy work is big, just being able to really hone in on the holistic piece is a big deal for me. I mean, you know, I do the functional labs and functional approach and all that. But the holistic piece is it's the mind the body the spirit, right? And being able to really address all of those, like specifically. And we'll have never been one to throw one of those out. I've just never really honed in on each of them in depth. And so yeah, I think the human design piece is kind of a start in the now that I've done the reiki training, the energy piece, the energy achievements and Reagan all that's kind of this added piece to really help women at the deepest level possible. Because we know what so I mean, you know this too. I mean, it's all related, right? You can't address physical piece with Alan dressing the mental emotional and spiritual pieces. So you had to put all the pieces together. Exactly. Love it. So what's the best way for people to get in touch with you? Where do you hang out most? Yeah, probably most on Instagram. I'm at the hope pedraza. I have, I have a free Facebook group. It's live wholesome and healthy and we do workshops and challenges and q-and-as and all things like functional nutrition, human design, that kind of thing. Yeah, or you can go to my website, hopefully we'll send a couple. Cool. And your podcast, what do you talk about? Yes, my podcast. Yes. My podcast is hopeful and wholesome. It's all things health wellness and inspiration. So it's kind of the functional side of me. We talk about health and wellness and then it's like the spiritual side of me that I like and every done guess who talk about all things spiritual and my body. It's so fun. Cool. Well, it's been a pleasure hope. I have a feeling that we're going to be in touch for various reasons. Yes, thanks, Megan. I'm so glad to be on here. I'm so grateful. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you a greatly and if you are appreciating the show and you wish to support us in a small way, you can do that by reading us on Apple, iTunes, you could share one of your favorite episodes with a good friend who you think would enjoy it. And you can subscribe to the show all those things help us get more guys on the podcast. So, if you want to connect with me, you can find me on all platforms at Meghan sworn wellness, you can check out the website and make this one wellness dot com. I hang out mostly on Instagram and LinkedIn, so please drop me a message and tell me what was your major takeaway from the show. Have a beautiful week wherever you are in the world,

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