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Hey what up it's a city from on air with Ryan Seacrest now look for the July weekend is here which means barbecues fun and sales but what's better than knowing you're getting something on sale well how about combining the deals you're already getting with a seventy five dollar rebate from so cal gas on smart thermostats to make it a real deal but hurry this limited time rebate amount drops on August first apply for your rebates at so cal gas dot com slash rebates terms and conditions apply if you're a driver with the record you know it's difficult to find affordable insurance with get insurance today you'll still have low rates so stop stressing and let us help call now and receive fifty percent off your auto insurance policy yeah fifty percent one eight hundred six three nine four four four four that's one eight hundred six three nine four four four four get insurance I'm one of those guys it'll show off all the tech you features when it comes to my twenty nineteen Chevrolet traverse the available hands free jester liftgate and something that even my son wants me to show off that's the thing right away my leg under the bumper and bone the tail gate opens up for me I mean it's an amazing technology field S. U. V. it's got great fuel efficiency that power third row and doesn't everyone want to make sure they're connected whether inside their Chevrolet with that's what how it works with Chevy they've got available for T. L. G. E. Y. five plus I've got seven USB ports in my traverse get your local so cal Chevy dealer and find new roads KTLA injured.

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