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Thousand nine What interests me on this Jim Is that my guess would have been reading from the outside looking into your personal financial situation, that you coming, from conventional, finances the financing world you, know the bankers, and financial planners all these guys I would have found it hard for you to sound as positive as you sound. About, the two choices you make I I hear almost no skepticism in the tonality of your decision to go out there and do something, where, I? Would have thought banker skepticism right this isn't. The traditional way to to retire so how? Did you come to that conclusion that as a banker did not have the skepticism on the two things really which are the two things that fight. Most bankers most of the time I think Is it there's nobody normal skepticism in. A banker I'm a conservative so I work in a regulated industry. But always had within me an entrepreneur Burning desire even banking intra. Entrepreneur PNL's and, I always try to meet or exceed my PNL's finale from a profit standpoint When I, came, back to Houston and I had the resources to make a life change I elected to, really look hard and say okay leverage up a banking term that. I love the? Use in, my personal life leverage up kick your talent and then have enough, competent to make the transition was.

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