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Coast to coast AM K G O, eight ten. Welcome back John Greenwald junior with this your phone calls as well. John. There's no question there's probably an appearance government cover up here to hold back on disclosure, in your opinion. Why why aren't they letting us know what's going on? It's a hard one. This isn't a popular answer. But I it's one that I lean towards and that is that the government doesn't have anything to disclose because they are clueless. They don't know. Exactly. What's there? There is no collusion because that's a popular, you know, a theory behind it. But I think they might be confused as as you, and I are on what ultimately is going on in the skies. I think that's a big possibility. I'm not saying that that is exactly how I feel. But I think that that in itself if it were true is a threat to national security because the implication behind the United States being clueless is is fairly detrimental to our society. That's scary. It is that exactly it. And I believe that that plays a role in potentially that true national security threat that number one this is a phenomenon that we cannot control. We don't understand and we can't combat. And I think that that that really is out of everything that I've seen and and have researched. That's what I lean towards because I think that you know, when you get into the intelligence of a civilization that can traverse the stars. And you know that you have to bring up the debate. Would they communicate with us what they cared communicate with us what they care that. We're even here. I mean, there's so many different questions that we have to tackle when answering that and I think it's a in my opinion, very egotistical way of thinking that they would want to come down here and save us and save humanity. Because to be honest with you, it's it's the same. It's it's the same notion that we would go into the middle of the Sahara desert, and, you know, put up a ten foot wall around an anthill to make sure that nothing attacks that little Antill. Sadly, humans aren't like that they they don't plan to flag and try and communicate with the ants. There's very select. A few that are interested in studying the ants. I happen to be one of them. I find them fascinating. But other than that. It's just not how intelligence works, and we are closer to an aunt when it comes to intelligence than it would be between humans and something let's say a hundred thousand or even a million years more advanced than in a lot of questions here in who believes that benevolence comes with great age in great knowledge. That's not necessarily the case if anything they know that it's easier to pilfer earth's and planets that have you know, humans or beans that are inferior to them. That's right. Yeah. Wanted to lash shows I did for history was on this very topic. And it was exploring that if aliens were to come here, and they've potentially were Gress of how would they destroy us? And why and what I did was explored. The reasons why when it came to survival. If you manage was able to leave the earth which one day, we will have to do whether it's tomorrow next month next year next millennia, we're going to have to do it because our planet will end. So if we one day do that, and it comes to the survival of the human race, and we approach another planetary body or planet or whatever. And there's life on it. In order for us to survive. We have to potentially harm or kill that life form that is lesser than us when it comes to intelligence would we do it in my opinion. Yes, we would. And that is the reality of what we're looking at what I did. And the show is explored. Why a telling civilization just wouldn't care if they destroyed something because the reality that the moment humanity learns that aliens are out there. Just one civilization minute. We make contact the odds that that is the only civilization in in the universe is is pretty nil. And why I bring that up is it's that Amtel analogy again that that one anthill is one out of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of ants and colonies, and so on that are just on this planet, let alone in the universe. So if they are there, then there are millions of civilizations there and them wiping out just one in order to survive. I don't think out of the question because I think humanity would do it. And they probably have done it before. I would I would guess. Yeah. I absolute guess what about the abduction phenomena? Join. That's an interesting one it it's one that is intriguing. It's but admittedly, it's not one that I focus on. I mean, I've talked a lot of people who have had those experiences. I have a lot of questions, but to be honest with you, I've always felt that I just don't have the the psychological background to really understand it and grasp it, and again, I'm not saying that it's a psychological issue. But what I'm saying is to explore it an ultimately comprehended. I really don't think to be honest with you. Let's go to the phones here for you George in Saint Louis. Welcome to the program, George. Go ahead. Get started. Jar more, John. Here's here's what I don't understand of for for observers on earth to see the beginnings of the universe. That means like lonely trails that certain Steed that means for us being the vision and states beginning of the universe. Vamos that space had to be bent for us, go faster than the speed of light, you know, in order to our telescopes to see that fifteen billion years now how how him have aliens solve the problem of bending space. Did anyone ever questioned that? I think so I the first part if I understood you correctly, I don't I don't think you'd necessarily thebenz base to see light from fifteen million light years away, or whatever it is. It's just that's traveling at the speed of light. That's what what happens the second part of your question. I think that that is. The debate about all of this that that would do have to if you're talking about humans. You have to bend space and time because humans can't survive as you're no, try, right? So but take it to the next step. What if and this is a fascinating topic a show itself that there's a lot of speculation in the scientific community that the the biological selves that we are today, the biological beings that make us human? We are starting to merge with computers were starting to merge with machines. I'm not trying to make this all Sifi on you. But that is the reality of what we're we're going towards, and there's government research, and I've got a lot of foia requests open on this. And I've gotten a lot of documents on it on implanting chips in the brain to control mechanical extensions of our biological self. And so one day, it's not just going to be an arm or a leg that were interfacing with the brain. It could potentially be entire body and the minute you do that the minute you then interface into entirely being mechanical that brings up a whole separate debate. But the minute you merge into a machine like artificial intelligence time as relevant then you can travel the stars at the speed of light or even before it because time is relevant. The only thing the only reason time means something does if 'cause we're biological we die. You know? I mean, that's that's really it in the terms of of the cosmos and the universe. It becomes a relevant. And if if we were achieve that, it's a terrifying notion, but if we were to achieve that that brings up a whole new world so to speak on how we traverse the stars. And that's not me just being crazy. That is a big topic of debate by people much much Marta than me thinking that if we contact aliens one day because a lot of the scientific community does not. Believe we have yet. But if we do it will be with a machine, and it is a fascinating debate. And it's not one that you hear about all the time. John did you come across any documents about the UFO's trying to shut down our nuke missile sites? Yeah. Yeah. And and there are quite a quite a few instances where you have not only the shutting down of nuclear sites, but I've devoted a whole chapter of it in the book of incursions on nuclear installations. So they're seemingly seems to be. An attraction between whatever this phenomena is and nuclear installations, I actually approached at trying to disprove it. But the reality is like especially through the nineteen seventies. There were a lot of UFO sightings that we're seeing in and around these bases with our most powerful weapons and again alien or not it doesn't matter that proves beyond any shadow of doubt. There is a threat to national security. No question entre airy to the to the company line, but there's absolutely documented threat next up. Let's go to baileigh in going to the program. Hi bailey. Hi, Debbie with us. Go ahead. Okay. So I was wondering I watched the movie the fourth kind and I've seen it before. But I just I mean, we were talking about this. I was just listening on it. And I was wondering what his opinion would be on all the footage and recordings from that movie and Abigail Tyler. I'll be honest with you. I'm not real familiar with the movie there. Okay. So what about all the currencies that happened in normal noble? Ask right. It's very it's a frightening. Frightening case, I'm not sure that those are I think that are probably more Hollywood to tell you the truth. We've done a program like that might be worthy of doing another one on that. I'm not so sure whatever happened to these people John something happen. But nobody really knows exactly what it is. It could be ET related. I all definitely have to check it out. I wish I had a better answer for you. But I honestly have not seen a great movie though. Great movie, if you're into something that's a little edgy and scary. That's that's my middle name..

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