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Afternoon news with matching Gaydos. News ninety two three FM. You know, there is certain things in life should just be obvious. Make sense sensible common sense common sense. It's kind of been thrown out the window. You've got the House Republicans yesterday voting on whether they should expel one of their own. Yeah. David stringer, David stringer who has a history of saying some racist things and making people uncomfortable, African Americans and other racial groups. Don't blend in there's not enough white kids in Arizona schools to help other minority. Children assimilate he basically said immigration is changing. The face of America. Wanted Browner doesn't want it to look like a mocha chocolate Oakland day from Starbucks. He likes vanilla there you go. So it should be a common sense. When the when the the I don't even want to say the allegations. It wasn't an allegation it was he pled guilty to some kind of sexual offense. Yeah. We told you the racist novel right to the other stuff back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. Yeah. H should be a no brainer. That you know, what this guy now has a track record of he should not be representing other people in the state. Right. Right. That didn't happen. Nope. It did not happen. You'd think that you know, maybe they wanna booed him. Kelly Townsend filed an ethics complaint. Oh, no Kelly Townsend again, anti teacher, man. Right. Presentative kelly. What do you call her all round, bad personnel? Kelly Townsend filed and I don't care if you're Republican or democrat, if you're just a bad person, you're bad. Towns in filed an ethics complaint after the Phoenix new times reported on decades old charges against Representative David stringer for child porn and other sex crimes in Maryland. The charges were later expunged. But lawmakers want to hear more facts. So the GOP pausing the vote yesterday on emotion to expel stringer. I hate to say this. Yeah, they're going to lay out all the facts. And they're going to make an argument to save this man's buttocks. I hate to say it. But that's the way it's going to go down. Because Don shirt remember, Don shooter had the ethics investigation, and they were still going to allow him to stay sexual harassment. And then he he did something that JD mez NAR. Then the speaker of the house said, okay, I can't do this. There are plenty of Republicans that want this guy guards. Unfortunately, they're not going to do a lot of people who are. Republican representatives decided not to vote yesterday to get rid of them. They voted for recess. So I think it's I think it's political. You know, I think that Kelly towns in at first she wanted to vote to expel and I don't know if somebody got her or she changed her mind or she now believes this guy. I don't know idea, but she changed her mind from expulsion to well. It's just. I don't know do an investigation. See I would've booted him after his racist stuff. Okay. That that's for me. That's what you gotta do. If you're a racist. My goodness. This guy's been how are you going to represent? This guy's been banned from Prescott schools because of his racism, not not the the the child pornography that just came out. I mean, it was brand way before that. So just listen guys a racist. Do you want him making laws in Arizona? I don't so I would have booted him well before but Kelly Townsend changed her mind. And it's a gutless move. You want to do an investigation. Okay. Listen, you should have done the investigation on his racism. That's not. Okay. But now it's child pornography. Now, you've just blown it out of the water. I mean, I don't need to hear anything else. I don't need to hear anything else. I'm ready to vote. And you know, what when they vote. This is why it's political. Republicans in the house would temporarily lose them Giardi. But they would get it back as soon as they replace him with a nother Republican, it wouldn't be people. It would be a number of weeks or maybe a couple of months, but you're going to lay out an argument not to get rid of this guy. It looks like you're protecting the guy. Now. That's exactly what it is mean. That's exactly what it why. Would you go on limb for a racist? And a guy I has these abuse charges. I don't know because it's not as though if you replaced him you would replace him with a democrat replace with another Republican. So why are you going out on a limb? Arizona state law. He must be replaced with a Republican. That's the right law. He should be replaced with a Republican is a Republican. But but don't tell me it's because well, we need all the facts out there. What? Okay. What are we going to learn if the facts come out, he pled guilty to at least two charges if the child pornography charge wasn't one of them. There are still two other sex charges that we never knew about I'm not saying he's a bad guy. But i'm. Saying he's a bad guy. First of all, no, he can't be a good guy and be a racist. And then see something come out of the blue that you never let him and standing by saying I was never convicted. So this would set a bad precedent, dude. No, the temperature of the room and know when to leave here's the thing both parties are pathetic. And I'll tell you why right now, the Republicans are kind of less pathetic pathetic. No, no, no, they're both. All right. They are protecting David stringer because he's a Republican and right now the current split in the house is thirty one twenty nine. So if you were to get rid of stringer, it would it would be, you know, thirty one votes, by the way required to pass legislation. If you go on a party vote, the Republicans couldn't pass anything until they get a replacement, but only until the replace right? It's only a couple why. So that's why they're bad. They're gutless. They don't want to vote on this. They want to vote to recess. It's pathetic. Okay. On the other side. Do you think the Democrats want to boot this guy David stringer? Well, of course. Well, why they're doing it for the right reasons? No, they're doing it for political reasons because then they would have right, and it wouldn't be a majority. Listen, they do they really care. Do you think some of these Democrats go home and say, I can't believe that this guy is still in office? No, I don't think that's the case. I think it's politics for them to go home and say, how can we get this guy off? How can we nail a Republican? Wall. There you see both parties don't want to do. What's right quality? They just want to do what's right for their own party. And that's why I don't like politician. I gotta tell you. I mean, you want to go to the mat for this guy. You better know, something that we don't because if it comes out that if something worse comes out on me. Yeah. But if it escalates to something else sexually sexual whatever that we didn't know about and you're trying to like the guy from Alabama. How can you? How can you defend ROY Moore and people did he did? Politics, just nasty. These days a guy, you know, shouldn't be there is still there, and you had the chance to to get them out. All right. We'll keep our eye on this. He's still he's still there you still racist. And they're still all this other stuff that we gotta go through. All right. Becky Lynn, detour Dan, they are coming up. But when we return, I think, this is hilarious story..

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