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Longer be able to collect DNA samples and sex crime or domestic violence cases that from Kelly Harris with the city attorney's office to the city council committee on legislation to change city code samples are only just for finding future crimes are also continues forget to exonerate people who have been wrong convicted of crimes these are in the in the state database so it serves a dual purpose the changes required for the city can send its backlog of six hundred and fifty DNA samples to the state crime lab for testing measure must be approved by the full council before the end of the year jury selection started today in the trial of a man accused of shooting about Vernon police officer earnest a revised is charged with attempted murder and other crimes in the shooting of officer Mike McLaury December of two thousand sixteen McLaury survived but lost part of his eyesight opening statements could happen as early as Monday McLaury is expected to testify sad action in the Tacoma this morning a semi truck driver was killed almost sure amero report just after eight this morning a truck driver was pulled over on north bound five your Pacific Avenue witnesses watched the driver exit the vehicle and then go underneath the vehicle doing or making what appeared to be repairs to the truck itself to for Jon Batiste diss that's when the semi started rolling again and the man believed to be in his sixties was struck and killed she says investigators are looking into what may have been wrong with the truck Romero como news Washington state's house of representatives has a new speaker representative Lori Jinkins of two comma the first female and first openly gay speaker Jenkins was elected to the meeting of the house Democrats caucus which she says is the most diverse the state has ever seen I'm really proud to be the first woman the first lesbian serving in this position I believe very very strongly that the diversity of our caucus.

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