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Very fun event last night yeah so ed you seen her before no I had never seen her before this is my first time seeing her and I was super excited I thought it was a fantastic show I mean I don't know how much she normally talks and I love it when artists taco meat soon married and she obviously as most people know at this point you know spent a good amount of time here in Minneapolis when she was sort of before she was really known she was in several bands you know what I realized I was reading actually in Minneapolis Saint Paul magazine Steve marsh did an oral history of Liz those time in Minneapolis it's a really fun read it's online too and that's nice dot com but she was in a band called she chalice and I remember once member voltage fashion and yeah I show yeah I swear chalice played at one of those shows I remember being like this band is amazing and that's probably because I was seeing Liz I didn't even realize it was Liz so well I just think it like I said to today was not only was she great her messaging over all she's a great speaker by the way yes I mean she's a really great speaker yeah last modified route for a live broadcast that's for sure well but she definitely gets a message across and she's super positive in super fun yeah I love when she came out and she said you know I'm at B. is a little tired this evening because I my belly so the mac and cheese right right right like it's Paul you got a load up.

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