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ABC's Amy robot that Jason Momoa spot cream was creepy wasn't very funny one six traffic who do that every ten minutes for you and here's Kiera well we don't have any blocking crashes or styles but you will tap the brakes on north and I five around seventy second and then we're heavy from highway sixteen two River Road they're really struggling coming out of the five curve all the way to five sixteen and more delays from Michigan to Seneca going from federal way to Seattle that's taking forty six minutes and it looks like ever to Seattle that's now jumped up to fifty six minutes I just got a call from those in charge it's no Kwame past conditions there they're really bad so chains are now required traction tires they are currently advised that Stevens southbound four or five is going to be a slow go out of can you park state route five to two in north bound for five is dragging along through the rented area east down five twelve has been busy around the radio north at one six seven is going to be a slow go three seven into Pacific and then we're back on those breaks from highway eighteen to two seventy seven our next caller traffic at six twenty four traffic brought to you by only or so the world class positions of only ortho asked the south sound why take a long stressful drive one fully ortho is right in your own backyard only or so has your back your knee your hip your shoulder you get a fully ortho dot com your life in motion Kamel eco roof forecast now rain or possibly snow depending on where you are this morning but will warm up to forty two so it'll change to rain and will actually see partly sunny skies by afternoon.

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