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If you're in a group you fucking stay group like a difference. Doug i was on. I was in be rupe by adrian. All kind of bailed early and rebounds let stag and it was like eleven in their life anyway quite tired off to bed. Fucking now come on. Let's give him a good one you dicks so i stuck around but this is not that story. This story is taking place in prague and The bill another dentist vice. Absolute dan feis and the b group Say that good nights and the group. The best man is like come on. Let's let's have a beer for natio- he finds some girls and he's a bit like i don't really want to. I'm not really into that. So this is a stack. This is the stag. Let's call them. Johnson johnson is another. Name duncan johns. Katie's katie's katie's there and his best man. Johnson is like come on come on katie. Let's get yourself. He's not really into you. Know i'm not really but the rest of the group that like come on it'll be fun. We thought we on at which point they find a lady of the night. A streetwalker of say street will done like that. Who ladies night tonight ho bag. How's that come on people. You know what i'm talking about. She's not in a window. She's walking the streets which is much worse very scary. Anyway they get talking and she's like boys. I'm going to do the isan boys. You said you may as well the good thing. He's like sounds like you off to a really fun time. I know some girls. And i have a place where we can go for real and i were katie's law i don't really come on stacks. Thanks thanks thanks so let you just come in. And there's a call and how different time valerie getting a call and is There's all the goals in the call as a driver. Now we're going to go to this really sixty plays. I have a little fun together. Allowed to well up for potent katie's he's been dragged along so they drive and they drive and they keep driving and keepdriving and people checking the awards. This is about forty five minutes outside of really sexy when you so they get an is. It's like a mansion so it's like okay so this is glitzy again as a doorman. He's very beefy. Kinda guy right. Yeah okay yeah come in come in the guy in an hedonism policy in. It's just and they're like all white shirt. Always wide shot out people in mosques. Everyone's naked oggi's happening real as a hot tub is a ball and the bar is like you pay the entrance fee and then the bar is free And the strengths as much..

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