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If not, I have one last big WTF, I think that we can both maybe lean into a little bit. Okay, I have one, then before your big one, I'm gonna do one minor one, a silly one. Couple a little while back a little while ago the National Geographic they ran a mini series called the hot zone. Anthony. Based on the real life incident where letters laced with anthrax were sent post 9 11 to various news outlets, there was a real anthrax scare. And it was fictionalized in a miniseries starring Daniel de Kim. He was the lead actor in this. I watched it, I was entertained. It's highly fictionalized. They do a lot of conjecture. But the WTF moment is in the first episode. There is this like totally ridiculously gratuitous shirtless scene where Daniel has got the goods. He's got the physique to justify something like that, but it is like so gratuitous. There's a whole scene where he's having to conversation with his girlfriend in the kitchen. Very obviously push post coital. And they are he's just like they're talking around the kitchen counter. He's got no shirt on. It's hard to listen to whatever they're talking about because he's just got no. That's why they call it the hot zone. That's my WTF. Daniel. It's like, I want to know who's I do that scene was because it's shameless. It's so shameless, but I can't complain, I guess. But I see you. I'm calling you, and I see you. You know, it's the new thing, right? Like shirtless, you know, hot shirtless Asian dudes, now are basically the next big Hollywood cliche. I think at this point, but all that said, it's one of the many facets. I think, of our culture, all these things we've talked about in this episode that lead up to this kind of generally mind-blowing WTF that you and me and Philip WAN wrote a book and I mean yeah it got done somehow we turned it in this year. It was even supposed to be published this year. Yeah. Oh yeah, that is our WTF. So yeah, rise is supposed to rise. Actually it would have been in bookshelves in time for Christmas, December 1st, got pushed back due to a number of factors, not least of which was the complete supply chain fiasco. But I actually feel like maybe it was a good thing because none of us expected it to be in the midst of another COVID spike inferno. And in fact, it was in stores right now. We would not be out there doing a book tour. So.

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