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Getting all the money all the races now that's the purest form athletics is the purest form of give give renovation because his public everybody understands it the fans understand it people in the senate bed business is more subtle and it's more equality live so the precision isn't that different shea so judgments important but he you don't win with a yang i'm mediocre players in business are in baseball let me ask you this i know that when you were alternately appointed ceo by reg jones you write about that three really interesting story he was you were very different from him he was kind of buttondown formal classically trained in a way and british and you're more scrappy boston area said what you thought didn't didn't necessarily care that much how people received it it was a fascinating handoff from him to you and it's amazing that he saw in you know what others may not have seen i'm curious you're there a long time before that day i i wonder how much you were motivated to stay in rise by your desire to change the way the company was run because you and he both acknowledged that at the time you took over ge need a lot of change yeah i had an enormous thirst to get my hands on it and so obviously i was on the sidelines thinking what what i would do if i got it and when i got it i get it.

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