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No way has formed its first conservative majority government thirty years, the country's either seen socialists, empower or more recently. There's been a series of centre right minority governments with the prime minister and a Sobek meaning needing the support of opposition parties just to get laws passed, but this breakthrough has come at a price and tell us more is Valerie Christiana, she's also correspondent for both British and US medium like to say she joins us on the line for Larry just expenses. What's happened here while you're correct? This is a historic I because we have a conservative led majority government Ernest Solberg, the prime minister started in two thousand thirteen is the most minority government just with the progress party and this has slowly expanded. They've had the collaboration with the liberal party, the Christian Democrats, but then they officially when into government with them in two thousand eight. Eighteen with the liberals so to became three. And now three have become four to include the Christian Democrats, securing a needed majority in order to get a stronger hand in government and getting their policies through and just tennis how the offensive having a series of minority government has been on on the way that new ways being able to get its policies done. Well, I should I stress that minority governments are actually more the rule than the exception so Norwich traditionally being a led by these minority governments, and they have to go swinging from party to party to get their support. But more recently in history you've seen like the Stoltenberg government under the labor party operating Dermot Giardi government and having a more stronger hand. And now you have this conservative government with the liberals and the Christian Democrats on their side, and they're able to push through their policy with greater ease in parliament without having to. Ask labor party in the other parties for their support. But this comes to price doesn't it? It does it does those big political costs because they've had to make concessions on the abortion law before the Christian Democrats would agree to join and what they have had to concede on is selective abortion, which means that in case of multiple, pregnancies. There would no longer allow the ability to selectively terminate one of the fetuses, but they did not have to concede on late term abortion. That was also apparently on the table. So the Christian Democrats won on that point. And they also got increased childcare benefits, but there was given take on both sides the progress party got their lower road tolls. They got to keep tax requoted as their lower taxes expected and the liberals they are very interested on the environmental side. So they were able to keep in place a restrictions from oil drilling off. Offshore low futon and best Roland up until the end of the parliamentary term in twenty twenty one. But yes, they had to concede. I on abortion before the Christian Democrats would even consider joining this four-party coalition. How much is it abortion K issue in no way JR. Politics and society. It seems to have been quite a big one this year so much so that it has had another political cost within the Christian Democratic party because Kanoute adult HUD, Ida who was the leader until today had proposed an alternative government with the labour party. But the labor party would never consider this abortion proposal. And so instead, they went to the other extreme and went into a center right government. So abortion for this political term has. Come to the forefront. It hasn't before. But again, it had made the Christian Democrats take a hard look at which direction. Do they want to go to they want to go with the socialists, or which has never historically happened, and in effect by Kanoute adult high that proposing this in what was considered big power play cost him his leadership role and has thrust the Christian Democrats into the arms of the center, right government? Now, you mentioned a moment ago the future of oil exploration and annoys up sedately crucial oil industry, there are those who wished to seek those who want to impose limits on exploration in the Arctic Ocean of Lois coast, and those who don't not withstanding the legal case going through about soft crabs at the moment. What is what's likely to happen here? Well, what we see is a continuation of the existing policy, which is that the. Three party governments had already said until the end of this parliamentary term in twenty twenty one..

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