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In addition to its an. Uber and Detroit hubs. It has offices in Austin, Texas, San Mateo, California, and London, and quote, as Twitter user startup m. n. Jackson who claims. Interestingly, to be the artist formerly known as start up l. Jackson tweeted, quote, Jackson's law, you can absolutely build a multibillion dollar start up in the upper mid west. It just can't be sexy like at all. Since he's been in the headlines so much recently. One more quick update on Facebook's departing chief security officer, Alex stamos stay. Most is officially now leaving Facebook on August seventeenth, and his new gig will be to become an adjunct professor at Stanford where he will also be part of a faculty working group called information warfare. The remote of which is to examine the role of security and technology and society. Interestingly, Facebook, apparently does not plan to name a successor to the chief security officer position on Twitter stamos wrote, quote, Silicon Valley faces, many challenges than I am encouraged that there are so many dedicated thoughtful and skilled people continuing to tackle these challenges at Facebook. I will miss everyone, but I look forward to collaborating with them in the future. Preliminary reviews of the surface go are in and they're a bit of a mixed bag over at and gadget defender. Hardware says that the surface go is the ideal cheap windows tablet. Almost. It's not quite an ipad killer, but it's still useful. Quote, I'll admit the surface go is full of compromises. It slow and it's limited by windows tens, slim tablet apps election, but it also has a keyboard that blows away any other tablet, and it can run normal windows software if necessary. It's not meant for everyone. But if you're in the niche, it's targeted at it could be the windows tablet. You've been waiting for and quote at the verge dealer bone says, it's better than he expected, but it does have its flaws quote after using the surface go for the past couple of days I realized I've been over thinking it the surface go is simply a very small surface with everything that entails. It's a little less. Powerful and probably not the right thing to be your only computer, but as a secondary machine for windows users, it could have a real place and quote at mash -able Raymond Wong is way more critical, giving it a three point, two, five stars out of five. He said the service go is painfully slow to us barely better than a net book quote. I've been struggling to figure out who Microsoft surface go is actually good for if you already own surface pro or any laptop y, would you buy a smaller tablet with huge Basil's that often chokes windows ten up due to its underpowered Intel Pentium processor? Why would you wanna type on a cramped a little keyboard, but then it hit me the answer's right in the name the surface go is good for when you're on the move. And that's really it. And quote, contrast that with Alex Krantz at Gizmodo who calls the surface, go practically perfect quote, if you have the money and you want a solid windows machine. That's primarily for browsing emailing and word processing the surface go, is it the device you need to by looking for a second computer? It's a no brainer. Splurge on this one. There might be faster budget, laptops, and there might be cheaper ones. But the surface go feels like a perfect representation of wet laptops at this price should be and quote. So I don't know. I have links to all the reviews and the show notes, I guess it's up to you to figure out who to believe. Tech main right home is sponsored by medal lab that alab is one of the few design agencies in the world that can take a product idea from end to end from napkin sketch to real shipped product. Let's look at medal apps work for Google. You've heard of amp, right? That framework that allows web content to load. Lightning-fast. Google came no medal app to create demos that showcased amps capabilities and showed developers what was possible with the technology. So meta lab created example sites, including four art.

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