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I really wanted to be a troublemaker. I wanted to change things. I mean, after I was sent down from university, I had to find something to do. And I went to work in a day center for homeless and vulnerable teenagers. And I stayed there for three years and it kind of taught me everything I hadn't learned at that point. So how come you're sitting with me now on the media show? You did become a journalist. Well, I did. And I wish I could have said I'd worked for the BBC, and that that made the transformation, but actually, despite pining to work for the BBC, I never have been invited. But still time, John. But, of course, in that time, the invention of independent radio of commercial radio was hatched, and the first station on air was LBC, London broadcasting. And I applied for a job there. For some reason, I think probably yes, probably the thought Peter snow, John snow. Well, he may be our own John snow of your right and they've got their own Peter snow. That'll make sense. And I had three years journalism really because sadly the IRA went wild and were bobbing their way across London. And the lucky thing was that I rode a bicycle, and so I got to the seat of the crime. Often before anyone else was anywhere near it. And all I had to find was somewhere to lock my bike up, and otherwise I had my tape recorder on my shoulder and dive straight in. And across if you're getting raw amazing revealing stuff, right there on the ground. It is much more powerful, even if it's not as good. It may not be great journalism, but it was very powerful radio, and people felt they were in the heart of it, and he were therefore thought to be a very good reporter, even though probably was a terrible reporter. You took over as channel four news news reader from Peter sissons after he absconded to the BBC. Was that always your end goal to read the news?.

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