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Steps not come never go to the post office again and welcome this is the Ben Shapiro show so president trump has now announced his big peace plan for the Middle East it is now endorsed by a bevy of middle eastern Arab countries which is a sign that a lot of the Arab countries are beginning to recognize that their innate goal of destroying the state of Israel is not a feasible one nor is a priority for them I mean that's really big news your because let's let's face this no matter what peace deal from what's on the table they could include Jerusalem right all of Jerusalem it could include virtually everything Palestinians are wanted and Palestinians are turned down because the Palestinian leadership is dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel has nothing to do with the idea they want a Palestinian state they do not want Palestinian state unless it encompasses full scale the entire state of Israel this is why in every go chase in the valley and the Palestinians have insisted on the so called right of return which would amount to millions of the Palestinian Arabs flooding into Israel and then presumably voting for its destruction of the Jewish state thousands of never accepted the existence of a Jewish state they do not plan to accept the existence of a Jewish state and that's why any plan that is proposed is obviously can be turned down and any plan that has been proposed including virtually everything the Palestinians ask for in both two thousand and two thousand eight were turned down without a counter offer from the Palestinians and violence was lunch so let's just set the stage here the Palestinians don't want to say they want Israel destroyed Israelis want the Palestinians to have a state they can be left the hell alone every every Israeli administration since the Oslo Accords has endorsed the idea of two states has endorsed the idea of the Palestinians being given to states that the Israelis do not have to control this territory if you think the Israeli government is desperate to control Nablus you're out of your mind if you believe that the Israeli government is like our well you know we really would love is to sacrifice our blood and treasure controlling Ramallah you're crazy Israeli forced to do that because they have a major security risk on their borders in the presence of a vast bevy of terror groups in that region the Palestinian authority is itself a terror group it is run by a Holocaust denying terrorist who hands out goodies to the families of people who kill themselves in order merges the Gaza Strip is run by Hamas in over terrorist group to any peace plan put forward is gonna be a bunch of garbage anyway so what was the point of this the point of terms peace plan is really to get the Arab nations on board signaling but they are now going to demand from the Palestinians the Palestinians get over their crazy adherence to the idea that you're gonna disappear into to point out that any future western and Arab alliance is going to be a reliance on a recognition of bass reality so here is what is in it trumps actual peace plan what in trump actual peace plan is a proposal that the major Jewish settlement so called settlements in January which are perfectly legal don't believe anybody who tells you that Israeli settlements are illegal they're not illegal Israel.

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