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Right or millions of dollars at stake you gotta. Maybe look at it one more time. You know there's nothing wrong with that and if you're going to get labeled a micromanager then so be the ad but i mean i guess it's sometimes you have to. It's a fine line you know. How intentional are you on your leadership development. I imagine you got so many aspects. You don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. You just kinda. Doing i think a lot but yes probably something. I should spend a little more time on. I i read things i think about things i talk to our our our key managers and and we talk about <hes> responsibility and issues and we're very flat anybody in office can come walking in my office and say hey i got an issue or why is this or i don't understand why in the world we do it this way and i'm fine with that it <hes> but ultimately i'm probably at heart art more of an entrepreneur than i am a leader and you more visionary than you are. Yeah brass tacks right yeah. Luckily i've got some great people that i work with that. <hes> you know they they will look at h._r. Issues and <hes> you know things like that that i'm not that interested in yeah well. It's it's interesting because you went on a path initially because you liked rocks and you're passionate about this. It seems like being a successful geologist's would be very technical and tactical nature right and a successful geologist is going to be technical tactical around rocks but when you got this opportunity with these japanese investors in the mid eighties it kind of unleashed or at least exposed revealed the old kind of the entrepreneur you're right because for those two years you had to be entrepreneurial in spirit to get this done right right yeah. That's absolutely true and it it probably looking back you know. I don't know if i would have ever been happy. Just being purely assure sure technical geologists there are we've got three great geologists in our company and they have absolutely no interest in looking in a financial statement or working with investors or whatever absolutely not in and <hes> you know i kind of like it and i guess you look back to <hes> when i was a kid and i started playing bands. <hes> you know i i i would go out. I was probably fourteen fifteen and we we need to try to find a place to play. That was what the whole goal was. Try make money be in front of people so i went to the downtown library and they they had a in those days like a you know yellow pages of high schools around kansas. Oh i copied all those pages and i just sent letters out to like every every high school in kansas and said you know we won't play your prom and you know amazingly..

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