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From may since june eight at his tumbled eleven points amazon's acquisition of whole foods market in sending the stock super operators plunging investors worry that amazon which has already won over hordes have shoppers of clothing electronics and many other kinds of goods wreaking havoc doors another brick and mortar retailers will do the same with groceries walmart shares down five percent cosco down six percent target shares down nine percent harbor shares down twelve percent at amazon is up three percent at whole foods up twenty seven percent on wall street the dow industrials down eight at twenty one thousand three fifth nasdaq is down twenty three sp five hundred four that's your money now if you're familiar with cloud computing you probably we know that amazon intelligent conservative talk this is nine seventy the answer i be dropped from a new for leniency aa ruling has been issued for the university of louisville basketball team at it's one of the harshest in college basketball history go coach bettino says you of a will appeal the ruling the sanctions do call for the cards to remove all references to with 2013 national championship in addition to the twenty twelve fine a four hundred twenty victories from two thousand ten before team in other lose former louisville mayor dave armstrong news died who served from ninety ninety nine two thousand three just before the city kelly merger among his legacies of vibrant fourth street live tonight poppa john's cardinal stadium will host a u2 joshua tree touring that's i stadium concert of louisville it marks the thirtieth anniversary of the joshua tree album in sports the louisville bats lost at charlotte last night six to four up next the travel to norfolk tonight ups is seeking parttime package handlers in louisville get great pain graduate debt free with up to twenty five thousand in education assistance by now.

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