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But What are we going to do? When the money runs out, and it's going to I asked a guy today. And this group of people I was talking to I asked him where he's going to. Get the money. To get through next week. Just kind of an off the wall question. He said. Well, there are checks coming. And I felt like getting into an argument with him. And you know what? No. Not going to do that. Maybe I should Because Who's to say That this check that he's been promised. Is going to show up. I've been promised. Now three checks. Those have shown up. Have you gotten all the checks that they've said you're going to get Course not being from The U. S. Would make it a little difficult. At least hopefully it would Our telephone number 809 23 93 85. That's 809 to 3 w. D. T K. We're going to take a short break. And when we return more of your calls and comments here on the McCulloch show on FM, 101.5 and AM 1400 The nature. You know, hearing loss. Is an embarrassing thing to some people. And I've been talking about Cruz hearing for a long time. And Hearing laws still bothers some people from an embarrassment standpoint. People listen to the results of these studies. They see papers that come to them in the mail. And they don't think about the statistics that the positive statistics surrounding hearing loss For example. 36% of the people. Who experience Hearing loss and then begin wearing hearing correction instruments. 36% of them. Get improved overall mental health Improved overall mental health. That's incredible. I don't know why everybody at least, isn't getting checked. And for that matter, I don't know why you aren't getting object. Cruz hearing. They know all of this. And the whole lot more and people are beginning to find out. And so are their families, and so are their friends. And you could find out what the buzz is about by making that first step. And making that phone call. You'll be so glad you. Did You make that one call. You reach any of the crews hearing officers at one number? And you can start on your way. Numbers 8774562789 877456 Crews Police let them know at cruise hearing that John MacCulloch ascension to 877 456 2789 Now on time, traffic.

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