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It wasn't enough Lakers take down the bucks 1 13 to 106. Two championship contenders the Lakers in a different class in this what if you're the box? There's certain things you're gonna have to win certain battles, and they didn't win any of them. Really? And it started for me with the way the Lakers set the total beginning of the game with Anthony Davis in the post, so Any time they got single coverage. Anthony Davis West for work, He got whatever he wanted to get so first box on that list of things. You're just way got to limit the star player that if you can't do a good job with double teaming their stars. Well, then you're gonna have to something to guard guys. The three point line. They didn't really accomplished either one because Anthony Davis got going early. And look, you're gonna live with some of these by LeBron James. But he got it this sucker, read them and gotten such a comfort zone. You just knew where it was gonna end up as it was coming off his fingertips, and he served You knew as well and then you're gonna allow that those two guys to get 50. Plus Well, then you need to make sure you stay home. Stay connected to three point shooters. They didn't do that either. The three point differential was on minus 30 for the bucks. You just can't win. Now, How do you overcome all of that Get outstanding game out of Yonas. After the coupon. They just didn't get that. I thought he was maybe forcing the issue a little bit too much, trying to prove a 0.4 offensive fouls in this game and seven turnovers overall in just the first half on top of that, when they needed him late to make some shots that really ill advised three had a pull up mid range goddess through absolutely nothing and then also missed a couple of free throws in the fourth.

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