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Ball and so therefore i wouldn't wanna pick him with such a high pick so that was that was take on darnold what do you think of of the hall of fame tennis slapping te'o back in the face and saying that's fine we'll send you your goal jagged on the day after the event and we're just going to not talk about you at all during the ceremony what did you think of him blowing them off and then them returning serve kind of yesterday and saying he won't be a part of this at all well it was interesting and you know what i think i think getting in the hall of fame as an honor and i think you know i look at a guy like harry carson who i know fairly well with the giants it a long time to get it right along time and he got in and you know what scott is he less a hall of famer the lawrence taylor of course right he's in so if it took them a year or three years or five years i think t got got got messed up in the head about you know he he he didn't make you know how many years did you not making not a lot of years you know did he has to be a first balanced guy no i don't think so and so i thought he was wrong to say he wasn't gonna show up and you know i don't think one thing about the whole thing they don't like to be upstate you know they don't like controversy there like when you get in and you're grateful and you give a great speech and someone introduces here when you slip on that goal jacket and away we go so i think it's okay you know you just them they just you right yeah i think they should be there on any way you look at it i i you know he has the right to do whatever he wants just think he's making once again and immature decision that you know maybe we don't like because it's not what he's doing but i honestly believe any way you slice it if you get into the hall of fame in canton you going with your class and you go oh there and you go through the entire event and that's all there is to it anyone that doesn't go i think i go full so i think that's what they're treating them like ball always a pleasure enjoy training camp i'm sure we'll catch up again real soon great articles on mcadoo in the post this week we appreciate you coming on a bench anytime wip fm hd one philadelphia tasty cake studios down what happened on the field that is the ball game phillies baseball on sports.

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