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Person in the temple's main sanctuary or watch via live stream News time to 28 Traffic and weather on the 8 to rich hunter in the WTO P traffic center All right actually they did find the vehicle firing 95 just north of senator poor Parkway near monarch one 37 activity along the right side block in the right lane two links to left kitchen by just a brief tap of the brakes Still with the extinguished vehicle fire sat down 95 south route three near monarch or 20 of one 28 they still had the right lane blocked again two lanes to the left get you by Don't forget about the work sound north found 95 as you approach route three Fredericksburg that blocks the right lane near mob arter one 29 Now if you're traveling on the bellboy in Maryland and Virginia for now no major issues to report traffic has been flowing freely as of late looking good so far if you're traveling on two 70 south from Frederick Alex the way 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway incident delay free as well Still paving university boulevard eastbound east of Dennis avenue pass colesville road toward Williamsburg drive again getting by that work single file to left Again they had the southbound right lane blocked at 29 29 approaching university boulevard however it appears they picked up that portion of the work since all lanes are open now open South on 29 headed toward the bell way in the district check in for the crash of New York avenue near Mount Vernon square Police and fire were checking the area so please watch mirrors for first responders Otherwise you're in pretty good shape in the district no problems on the freeway with IT 95 and D.C. two 95 moving along without incident or delay rich hundred W two traffic now to storm team four meteorologists Samara Theodore 60 this afternoon with gusty conditions and a chance for showers partly sunny skies tomorrow highs in the low 40s mostly.

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