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Report is brought to you by the Egg Donor and Surrogacy Institute. Meanwhile, issues continue in south L. A. Was one of five in Vermont erect. There has been tying up want the lanes. To be sunny and breezy today highs. The mid upper 60 should mostly be mostly clear tonight for your New Year's Eve, with lows in the forties to low fifties right now, Ellie exits 44 degrees 40 in North Hollywood. 36 in Santa Clarita, 52 in Santa Barbara. Support for NPR comes from the American Jewish World Service supporting human rights advocates worldwide as they respond to cope in 19 and defend democracies. More of a J. W S Out org and from the Wallace Foundation, working to develop and share practices that can improve learning an enrichment for young people in the vitality of the arts for everyone. Maura at Wallace Foundation dot or it's morning edition from NPR News. I'm Steve Inskeep, and I'm Leyla Father in Louisville's Police Department is firing two officers involved in the raid that ended with the killing of Rianna Taylor. The officers are Detective Joshua Janes, who sought the warrant on Taylor's apartment. And Miles Cosgrove, who the FBI says fired the fatal bullet, Ryland Barton with Kentucky Public Radio is following the story. Good morning. Good morning. So, Rylan. It's been more than eight months since Briana Taylor was killed. Why is the police department making this decision now versus when she was killed? Right, so these air as you said the two officers who played key roles in the in the raid that on Briana Taylor's apartment, Joshua Jane's, He's the one who acquired the warrant the lead officers to our door after midnight and then detective Miles Cosgrove, who fired with the FBI considers to be that fatal shot. They've been on paid leave for months..

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