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Is w SP twenty four hour. Continuing news partial government shutdown day nine stealing. It looks like it's headed into twenty nineteen with no substantial negotiations between President Trump and Democrats over the weekend. The Environmental Protection Agency has furloughed fourteen thousand employees, the Smithsonian Institution census, museums or galleries ends soon. The capital will close mid week responding to the death of a second migrant child. Homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen visited medical facilities on the US Mexico border this weekend her visit was closed off to the press. But in a state. Nielsen saying, quote, the system is clearly overwhelmed, and we must work together to address this humanitarian crisis and sports Miami. Coach Mark richt has announced he will retire after three years leading is all mater and with five years remaining on his contract. He says the decision was his Miami struggled to a seventy six record this season falling to Wisconsin in the pinstripe bowl right of gripped. Of course, coach the BULLDOGS between two thousand one and twenty fifteen with two days until the Sugar Bowl. Georgia's defensive play caller is shrouded in secrecy later Mel Tucker is now the head coach at Colorado. When Kirby smart admits, that's an issue. The biggest changes milk called it mills. Not here who calls the plays against Texas. We've been giving stuff up as a staff know the defense, we run as the defense we run that's inside linebackers coach Dan landing standing in during the coordinators press conference in all of those coaches will have to deal with another uptempo offense. Don't let speed of the game. You know, the troll your dictate how you play defensive lineman Michael Barr. Napa longhorns average four fifteen a game there. Highest market six years kickoff. Tuesdays at eight fifty here on the home of the dogs. Jay black WSB WSB news time coming up on two or three.

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