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He's he's successfully, you know, transmitted statues, his own self between the United States, and and Greece some number of times, I feel like we should probably just leave it at that. I don't wanna get David in any trouble. But I am fascinated. You know, you've mentioned the fed. I you mentioned the stash ios, I know that you had lots of like meals in restaurants, and you had some home-cooked meals as well were you able to experience what all sort of characterized generally is just a sort of all encompassing. Descript her any Greek street food. Oh, yeah. Sure. Yeah. There was you know, euros and Suwalki, and you know, any kind of like meets on sticks. You can get pretty pretty easily. But I think like the Greeks Saverne experience for me and is seminal. And and the thing that I like and enjoy the most about going over to Greece because you're going to get any range of of foods and the best part about being in Greece with the Greek is he's also my personal order. I just sit down, and he basically plays the role that you played where hey, I'm gonna order a bunch of stuff, and let's eat it together. And great and he's speaking he's fluent in Greek. And he's talking to the waiter about what's good. And now all of a sudden, we've got for example, like I had never had shrimps dog Inaki, which is a shrimp in a tomato based sauce when better in it. And it was just you know, you're dipping the bread in it. And you haven't footers on the side. And now there are some. Mm smells over here. And there's some I suppose, and it's just ego. And then of course, basically with everything you're getting you're getting French fries. Like, they basically throw French fries when everything. I love it. I love. Yeah. Yeah. This is this is my kind of eating now, I want to hear about this home cooking experience because I feel like you had this rare opportunity to experience, you know, to go into somebody's home here and get like an authentic meal that you wouldn't you know, any of us traveling. We'd have we'd be hard pressed to like sit in somebody's dining room, and and get the meal that there are sort of, you know, preparing based on ingredients that they've gone to the market and purchased described for me that experience a little bit. It was incredible. I mean, like if we're talking about the best meals that I had we had we didn't have a bad meal. The entire time. We were there house but hands down the best meals. We had our days mom's house. Hey is mom lives. Not far from where patina lives just outside of Athens. And we went over there. And we have a bunch one day, and she made a whole fish with fresh, vegetables and bread. How did she prepare house? She prepare the whole fish. The whole fish was grilled room for simple, she. Yeah. She she boned it for me because I am incapable of doing that myself. She belated for me. It was wonderful. But the best meal we was the last day. We were there. We have some time to kill. We didn't fly out of Athens until like five thirty local time. So we went over there early, and we hung around with her with the family, Dave's mom lives out there. His grandmother. His aunts and uncles cousins. They're all there, and they all live across the street from each other. So they have like this little area. It's it's wonderful. But days mom, made us feel have you had that it's like Greek chorus. Of course, of course, I love the prestige zero..

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