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Well i am blessed to be here with bristol. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you I we met through an event that i was at and i thought oh my gosh we need to have you on the podcast and you are an author speaker. You wrote the book coach. Mom i said. I was going to read the title so get correct coach. Mom seven strategies for organizing your family into an all star team. And i know there's some of our listeners. That probably just heard that went. Oh i need listen. I'm gonna tune the end so listeners. Please do because we're we're going to get to some strategies but thank you for coming to tell us a little bit about yourself. Well a little bit about me. I'm a triplet and i grew up. My sister always loved to be around little kids. I was always the one who gravitated to the adult table. And then when i got married thought okay i think i mean i guess i'll have kids that kind of thing but i thought maybe two or three and i really wasn't sure about what kind of a mom would be and then and other people were either and And then my own father in law. Like and i was insecure enough but i was like a day or two before delivery and he was they were in town for the birth and he was chuckling. I was like what are you laughing at path was happening. Because i just can't imagine you as a mom and so okay. That's where we're coming from and then my husband had one sister so he thought we might have to. The triplet thing was great. I i was hoping for three at the same time. But i thought maybe three and then as the lord would have it. We had five long story but four boys and a girl and then we thought we are totally maxed out at this point which we'd already felt that before and then he called us to adopt two more so we now have sevens having yes..

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