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Shred and puncture? They retained sometimes eighty percent of their original charge. Still is contained after you. No longer on a us. The battery that residual charge has an incredible amount of power to create damage in San Francisco by Butler KCBS persimmons season is here, and it's an full swing the first ones out or the Fuyu persimmons. It has a sort of squat shape kind of like a tomato not very globular, but more flattened out, and it's one that you eat when it's still nice and firm as long as it has that pretty pink color covering the entire thing. It's ready to peel the skin off. But they're easy enough date like an apple right out of hand. If you pick a to green, it's a little bit stringent. Now, the one that comes a little bit later. The hatch is elongated kind of like a giant. Acorn in shape, and that one until the point that it gets so soft and squishy that. You can't believe it. It's not ready to eat. It's too darn astringent. It'll just Parker up your mouth once it gets that soft eating it is like eating a bowl of your favorite jello. This one was made by nature. It is just absolutely delicious. And my ultimate favorite is the put the entire right Pacheco persimmon in the freezer and freeze it it'll be as hard as a rock hold it. Under running lukewarm water. And as the outside starts to defrost. You quite literally wipe the skin right off. I make a cut three quarters of the way down through cut an ex into it and open up those quarters kinda low dislike let it rest in or frigerator for fifteen or twenty minutes, then drizzle it with some natural maple syrup and sit down and eat nature's finest sorbet just straight off the tree with nothing done to change it except letting it freeze good and hard Narsey. David KCBS..

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