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Maybe the wires got a little. There's worse wires involved whether invisible. Oh. Well, that's unfortunate. It was a good. Reading was really good piece and comfort will come to her and her family. Well, the family like max, that's good. But okay. Well, never go. Well, we can't win them. All we can't always get usually. Usually is dismal. Redesign mad horrible like bad, bad bad. It is eight thirteen. I have an AB fab. Ooh, that it's tasty that I'm very excited to tell you about. Picked this up at target number one by don's house over the weekend. And I have to tell you. Again, I always preface because I'm so damn over dramatic. But this is probably one of the tastiest healthy things, you know, healthy prepackaged things that I've eaten in a long time. And that is and you're gonna want to write this down. Because I think you will enjoy it as much as I did it is from bird's-eye. It's in the frozen section because it's a steam bag bird's-eye vegetable pasta. Now, it's already it's like a meal. So it's the sauces in there, and it steamed and you pull it out of the bag and bought a boom by being it's done. There's three or four different varieties. I had the row teeny last night for lunch yesterday. And I'm going to enjoy the spaghetti today. It is pasta made with zucchini and lentils, and let me tell you and the whole bag the whole meal itself is about to ninety two hundred ninety calories. Three hundred calories. Not bad not bad for no, not bad at all. Sometimes you get this healthy pasta. Whether it's. Whether it's locale, and it tastes like starchy. But you know, it's just awful. Ooh. Sound good at all? I devoured. This could not for the life of me tell the difference really between what I was eating and regular pasta. No joke. And I am like some of the stuff meet some of these healthy prepackaged frozen crap makes me one of vomit this stuff. This. I don't know how birds I did it, but y'all need to if you're trying to eat healthier. And you want something quick and easy for lunch. Or like Collins said, I think we're going to add some grilled chicken to this in even do this as dinner sometimes it is amazing again bird's-eye steam, fresh veggie made pasta mytalk one zero seven one everything entertainment.

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