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Classes to create a lab for the construction of counter narratives around whiteness uh in any creative form play poem memoir you say poem is a poem i can refer you that went out states party say antara aunt i feel horribly crazy saying and i've i've always said aunt somebody but let's just me with the state's the syllabus top i professor claudia ranking are the classes dividened eight topics constructions of whiteness that's really going to tell you how bad witnesses and how it's a crazy concept in it was made up by white people to enslave while of course people of color white property which will be well pretty much anything in america there is no by black people are white masculinity own that's a real problem right there surrey says problem white femininity white speech white prosperity white spaces a white imagination dilip felt white sexuality but i gotta tell you that covers right every aspect of uh taken down white people and that's what this is all about that don't mistake that i mean we sort of push this is being absurd but that's what they're doing they're literally vilifying taking down white people the square into this the second just syllabus studes in the co and and what we're talking about here is a universities offering a course to semester that would be this semester and which aims to help students understanding counteract whiteness wet students in the course are asked to read books such as michael kimmel's angry white man american masculinity at the end of an era richard dyers white colon essays on recent culture and richard doug gato richard the cat and a genes defined critical white studies looking behind them here critical whites to who writes this crap and who gets away with.

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