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By calling eight hundred nine four eight Mike today or visit Michael and son dot com six eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks in Virginia sixty six westbound after one twenty three the crash clear northbound on the George Washington parkway before one twenty three that crash should be clear on the beltway the outer loop to slow from the toll road past sixty six gallons but the big bridges to and from Virginia on the beltway brief delays at worst interlude to slow through Montgomery County from three fifty five to east of Silver Spring College Park to seventy north bound arek before shady Grove road getting pushed on the left shoulder from Rockville toward Georgetown on twenty eight slow into the emergency works on west of money branch road a single file out of right is getting by Howard County route one hundred west go north on twenty nine a crash along the right side a serious collision between Clarksville in Ellicott city blocking one away both ways midway between Trotter road and Harpers farm road police are redirecting traffic in prince George's county a crash report on two twenty three to scatter way road near temple hill road that one is causing delays in both directions fifty only brief delays eastbound toward the bay bridge tolls but once you get out over the Chesapeake heavy dense fog with low beam headlights east westbound taking your time give yourself extra stopping room across the bay keep your vehicle road ready with Jeff you live signature service oil change tire rotation and more plus break services without an appointment at participating locations Dave told on WTOP traffic back to Amelia draper at stormteam four the temperatures have held up fairly well we still have all these clouds what else well we do have some reports of drizzle and mist out there right.

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