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It starts in two thousand eight far from Morocco in the North Sea of the Dutch coast. It's night at galas blowing the waves a heaving. It's no time to be on the water. Shit comes into view, then small vessel draws next to it. You could make movies. LA tournament is intimate with the story. Because the images various film. You can you can see when you're is, you can see two vessels into each other at sea because to because he the guys throwing you can see the wind in their faces. These two smuggling vessels the crew of the larger one is throwing bricks of hash to the smaller one which will then sail into a remote search port the story of how the largest ship got here. Is it self worthy of a film, and it reveals the global nature of the hash trade they started from Kenya. The man that finance transport demand, we knew people, he knew a good ship, and that shit was in Kenya. The ship was called the old salt. The skipper, flew in from Holland and hired to Kenyan crew from the pastor's canal, one guy was attitude company. The four of them say to grow there, a number of small vessels, sailed out to meet them vessels, from the Moroccan thirties, escorted, the smaller ships being in the, she's the old salts was loaded with more than a ton of hash the ship headed north around Spain, Portugal, and fronts. It's through the English channel and into that storm in the North Sea, you want to know what happened next of course. Well, after the smaller ship they wanted to leave. But I one of the crew the guy that got aboard in Egypt. He was away from home for a long time, and he missed his girlfriend. So in the middle of the night, same conditions rough weather choppy seas guy jumped overboard, and swims to the smaller ship in order to get home to see his girl. The crew of the smaller vessel fished out the love sick man and headed for port. But the coastguard was curious to see a small boat out in the storm. So they waited for the ship escorted into harbor two guys from the coast guard went aboard. Why were you there? What were you doing the smokeless played? They said they went out into the storm just to see what it'd be like they promised never to do again. Then they all drink coffee together..

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