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Powerful he can do whatever he controls time and this time he was scared almost there's also this really wonderful storytelling device at the bottom of the right hand pages from when adam wakes up until he leaves kang there's a small hourglass and it's the time is running out i didn't know is until product halfway through the book and i went back inflicted although not like oh how it's so small and like you say you khemisset but it was such a at such as smart little storytelling device coal and then when you notice it you'll i go now there's an impediment this sense of impending doom that comes with it it's so good others super sweet appearance by judge khrais tore ma boy a judge crater the dope is member of seoul world he's just so happy he's like writer dan damp dick pic an another as though good uh jets tour he was kind of a jerk in life he was very focused on justice and what he believed was right and sometimes that let him down the wrong pang that's why he and adam clash eventually adam sucked to seoul up and put him in so world where he was just like super chill not do and he's like i'm a judge but i'm not going to judge you no know i love joe creates war see drags with his sacks so good extracts sacks drags all the way everything about this bogus so good there is also an awesome but disturbing two page spread in the middle of the book with king proclaiming in court infinity's end approaches yelp now tons of characters who are dead they've beaten destroyed feels like there is some significance to this i would it feels like highlighted saying ice stared at that paid for about ten minutes is going through each character trying to pick out all the the easter eggs of these i missed there at its frequent ridiculous i call hi it's intense and we will see more of what this could mean going forward this issues fantastic i want more adam were lock in allred style us unbelievable also a quick note we have a few great little pieces to coincide with infinity countdown upon novel dot com.

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