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Fm thirty eight degrees right now in denver now on colorado's morning news pressure mounting and more stories coming forth about epa chief scott pruitt and his mishandling of that agency now more we get check in with nbc news radio is michael bauer good morning michael good morning marty yeah it seems as though this weekend has been the concern that scott pruitt may have done more to illustrate the swamp trump promised to drain than any other cabinet official in this administration and you saw that kind of reaction from republican senators yesterday all over the sunday morning news from senator kennedy from louisiana lindsey graham susan collins all voice in the concern that something has to be done because of the imaging and the optics of all of the financial difficulties epa is going through right now and more importantly possibly some of even firing or removing people who have been questioning those financial decisions we've seen this before in the past where the president compliments someone and then the sired a few hours later via twitter or whatever does that seem like you know the president in him maybe on the same page but the rest of the president's cabinet is not even to the point where you've got the white house chief of staff kelly saying as a friday that he was urging the president to fire or remove pruitt from the epa because of exactly those concerns and then when the president tweets out on saturday that he's doing a good job it did a little bit april feel like the kiss of death and did for a little bit like okay well if you officially got that fumble up from the president that means you're going to be out of here pretty soon so i think what you're looking at is possibly this week if he can remain out of the headlines and it's a big f by the way if pruitt can remain out of the headlines and keep the epa the headlines maybe he's got a chance to hang in there if these stories continue to league as we saw over the entire weekend about just.

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