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We're buying a ticket to go in any in some instances, the women's finals basically because a Serena have gotten a higher TV rating than the men's final. I know the stats backup. Nate all in that men on average generate more income than women. But at a major, of course, the price pool should be the same. I, we're going to watch men and women play in the same tournament. How can you make the argument that the men should be paid more than women? I mean here the two primetime matches for on ESPN tonight are Maria Sharapova versus Jelena Ostapenko and then Novak Djokovic versus Richard. Gus gal. So there's actually a what you would call in the UFC. I remember this whole conversation about Ronda. Rousey a co. Main we're gonna share Povo is the co main tonight at at the US open. It doesn't make sense, and it's, it's I, I guess I understand the point. He's trying to. Make. But if he's point is at major tournaments, the men should be paid more than women because the men are a bigger draw. How do you know? Right? I mean, look, let those to lock down the street in Manhattan and sue who draws a bigger crowd Serena, and it also adopted point. I think surrou- tag when. All right. Let's see the head of the California Democratic party has called for a boycott of in and out burger after a public filing revealed that the company had recently donated twenty five thousand dollars to the states Republican party. What do you think of the idea of this boycott? It is absolutely insane in and out has done nothing rocker. They've also contributed money to democratic candidates. Private companies should be able to make political contributions and for the head of the Democratic Party. I know California is a huge blue state and is very democrat for the head of the Democratic Party to come out and say, boy cut in and out because they gave money. People is ridiculous. You could do it for every single candidate that get or every every single company that makes a contribution. I feel like going to in and out and buying burgers just to support them because they're getting jacked around by this guy, he's dead wrong and he should repeal the boycott while he did. He's already completely backed down. Good. He completely backed down. And by the way, as you pointed out in and out released a statement from their vice president that they make equal contributions to both democratic and Republican political action committees. They gave eighty thousand dollars this election cycle to Californians for jobs and a strong economy, a committee focused on electing business, friendly Democrats to the state legislature. And I put this first of all, I think that the boycott thing, I mean, I know we're boycott. We're busy boycotting Nike and boycotting handing out for so confusing who on boycotting and who I'm not. I do understand, for example, in the case of Chick-fil-A that gave political contributions to anti gay organization, that's that's different. And they've also changed their policy by the way they've stopped giving money in that direction that's different than just making a donation to the Republican party. Hey, I would literally have no problem if you with you if you made a donation to any candidate from any party, if you felt strongly about an issue that they were going to lobby, right or support. That's your right as a citizen. You know that you get to, you get to decide how you spend your money. Now I can combat you by making contributions to your to that guy's opponent, and I can speak out a match dollar for dollar. I can speak out insurance it here. Why you shouldn't give your money there. But we have to have a process. These people should be able to donate money where they want and I'm not boycotting in and out. No, because the head of the Democratic Party doesn't like them. I am absolutely not going to boycott in and out burger by the way you didn't..

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