Europe, GOP, Congressman discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


So Shawnee a little bit of reaction to the big political story that we've been reporting this morning of former congressman Walsh announcing officially that he will be running against president trump on the Republican for for the number your nomination for president in the Republican Party and we said you know had we heard anything from the president yet had he tweeted any response the end of the while the president has not tweeted a response I himself yet ABC's Jonathan Karl reached out to the trump election team to get a response from have and their response according to ABC's Jonathan Karl is the one word response whatever interesting as I said the beginning of all this is going to be interesting I don't know what else is good gonna be but it's going to be interesting to get an update will on all the latest news though Dave Schwantz here with the latest and just as dean reported the trump election campaign saying what ever heard to the the news of a primary challenger he is former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh announcing this morning that he is running against president trump for the GOP presidential nomination Walch served one term in Congress from twenty eleven to two thousand and thirteen following worldwide criticism Brazil sending forty four thousand troops to the Amazon to fight the fires that have hit that area they become a global issue an escalated tensions between Brazil in Europe European countries believe presidential year ball so narrow has an eclectic commitments to protect biodiversity we have no suspect in the fatal shooting of a bowling brook manages home yesterday he was found outside his house in the three hundred block of auto would drive with several gunshot wounds police say it appears to be a targeted incident and someone was seen running from the house.

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