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Reporter and camera crew were other independent witnesses who saw all of this occur and talk to hear deputies that evening a here sheriff's deputy who are you it noted wound up citing mr jan forty four misdemeanor assault it to don in albany oregon uh the jim bohannon show with data enabling over yes i agree rhetoric nathan i've gotten quite clear iran one thing without cracker kerber different liberal talk show some degree iraq tournament apart government oh okay oh if you wish us to respond to that is that the bear very good i would not disagree for one moment that a political talk radio or television in this country which has i made the some contributions to the the gross national discourse has certainly had to do to pay people in the grotesque caricatures and the and the frequently uh did said the tactic of the only questioning somebody's policies which is fair game but in questioning their motives and that if i might that you will further fuel the rhetoric and the business in our political and ideological environment the we living today and i think a very clear distinction needs to be made between what i call opinion media and journalism journalism meaning actual down the middle reporters who strive their best to determine the facts and report them to the public on the public's path they they attempt to do their job in a fair way and attempt not to get into the opinion business unlike those a talk show host and others that engage in an opinion media i bet at largely fuelled us rhetoric to tell the charleston west virginia the mortgage the charged with thank you so much for uh covering a topic i want to say i am in their mind pana because it was a new crew pregnant okay different from what all relate to you from nineteen seventy eight iran a fulltime and parttime or only part they were reporter general assignment politic okay i got slammed flap wherever you call it a sore the about seven times three of them were by people the other four times were by people who held public office either appointed civil service or elected did you ever issue formal.

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