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Five years in nineteen eighty six he won. The Senate seat vacated by Barry Goldwater he made a failed bid for the two thousand Republican. Presidential nomination losing to George, W Bush but in two, thousand eight he clinched his party's nod but lost to Barack Obama in November, and went back to the US Senate tell the Tribune. Not just verbal Senator Chuck Schumer already beginning plans now to rename, a Senate office, building after Senator McCain nothing replaces memory but I will be introducing a resolution into the Senate. Renamed the Russell building after John, McCain so they. Future generations work, there Future generations throughout America remember President Trump tweeting out, of brief treat. Tribute earlier, my deepest sympathies he says, in his tweet and respect go out to the, family of, Senator John McCain our hearts and our prayers are with. You Wins news time nine oh six now the ten ten wins AccuWeather forecast today, sunny partly cloudy, and more humid high, near eighty three. Mostly clear muggy tonight low seventy two tomorrow hot the humidity increases we've got. Hazy sunshine high. Around ninety as you head back to, work tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday hot still humid sunshine, sticky to, highs both days of ninety two Police are hoping. You can help identify a woman whose remains were found in trash bags, in Bronx Park City. Parks department worker made. The disturbing. Discovery yesterday and Cortana park now the NYPD. Has a released released a sketch of the woman they. Describe as light skinned Hispanic between twenty and thirty. Years old she. Was about five feet tall weighed about one hundred seventy five pounds and of, course you can, see the sketch on, our website at. Ten ten wins dot com Cops continue to search for the shooter from yesterday's deadly exchange of. Gunfire outside of Harlem housing, projects group of kids just hanging out at the Carver. Houses, on one hundred and fourth street before the summer ends then. Shots rang out killing one teen and wounding two others thirty year. Old Dorothy Neal says her nineteen year old brother took a bullet to. The chest and died moments later one of the wounded the NYPD suspects, was a gang.

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