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Of course. It's been three minutes. Gord wins the draw from Colin white. Here's mcdonagh to the left circle. Ryan mcdonagh holds a wheel behind the net. Mcdonagh rips it back at the right point Girardi shoots. Save Anderson and he holds on. Boy, he really gobbled that rebound up Jimmy. Shop this time OBT to the left of Anderson on a good shot by Girardi gorgeous upset with himself. He missed a tip. Yeah. He's angry at himself for that. Colin white breeding point to the left of Anderson. And it's one by point Girardi, right point, right circle. Yanni gored gored holds little feet high slot. Mcdonagh redirection just wide, right. Dangerous. Look Gord blocks clarion for Barbie. Eski finds Tyler Johnson in the right corner. Johnson sweeps Girardi right point LaPointe. Mcdonagh McDonald little shot goes wide, right? Johnson. Follows upright circle Tyler Johnson. A Burgess high slot. Little backhand shot blocked. Again ought to lead the league in blocked shots. Here's Yanni Gord. Winning it from Chuck right circle. Record Girardi shoots blocked again. Holy grady. Get chuck. We'll walk it out to send. I want to say a lot guy lead the league in blocked shots for a reason. Could Chuck spins it in no score in the first, Gordon. Mcdonagh in the far corner background to the nearside and Dan Girardi waiting. You're getting a change of primary school drop off a feed on the right wing cross as mcdonagh. He doesn't really like what he sees Girardi. Got deflected. Fortunately, came in on bass Lonski for the nearside who. Rob roles to JT Miller at center Miller is check the lightning trying to change d they could not do. So who Trump has to get it back to Girardi in his own Ed finally to Miller on the left wing. He turns it over at center ice. Today. I would have been off-side tyranny leaves zealot. So they got covert on the ice Girardi is still stuck out there. That's where puck management can when you have problems with it can create bigger issues. Kucha drugs drags the middle at center across the line left circle. Still going the first point circuit, Jeff right point. Colbert shoots deflected wide, right revenge. AT Miller right corner. Miller looks to emerge of the right circle. He's bumped off by Duchenne. CC's going to track it along the far side and golfing out to center surge knocks down as it back in but Duchenne darts out to center crossed the blonde Colin white left circle a shot blocked. Rebound Duchenne squeezing free left corner. Trying to set right? It's blocked. Shane a rapper ATI scores. Well, he came around the other side and tuck it in before vast.

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