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Off kilter but also tethered to reality in a really interesting way there's this mutant bear that shows up in the movie that sure people probably seen screen shots of online it is like one of the most horrifying images seen on screen this year and and there's just so much going on in this film i i realize this might be sort of a ridiculous comparison but i saw two thousand one a space odyssey for the first time a month or so ago at talked about that on an episode of the show and the ending of both of these movies it sort of annihilation sort of reminds me of that in that director alex garland who also wrote the script is sort of going for this this primal association with the audience he's trying to peel back layers of story and and you know get past get deeper than just the the cerebral what is happening in this film in and getting to this this emotional core of a place where it's almost it's really difficult to describe but i'm sure you have something to say about this but i mean i would probably just be echoing everything you just said but yeah this movie deeply affected me in way i mean i i had read the book so i had some idea what it was about but the film changes a lot from the book and becomes its own thing and i don't know this is just one of those movies that while i was watching it i could tell like all right some people aren't going to like this but i love it and i know years from now we're still going to be talking about this movie on like you know hundreds of movies that came out this year so i don't know this movie is it hold a special place in my heart do you know what i'm talking about that with the two thousand one comparison i'm not trying to like say that it's as great as a kubrick movie but i feel on this sort of like elemental plane sort of on the same level yeah absolutely it has that same vibe i guess you call it's it's i been using the two thousand one comparison since i've seen it because i kind of like goes into abstract place where it's more interpretation and how you feel about it than what it's actually you know what even actually seeing from a story perspective and yet that's going to determine if you love or hate this film i think because if you go into it kind of sets up as a mystery and if you really want answers that mr you might be disappointed but if you're along for the ride in willing to you know the best films i think are ones that you can leave the.

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