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Year. Twenty one touchdowns you have. Just come to you like soon. You walk on the field. Here's a test down for you. You get it tested. That's you and oprah you'll get gonna tested that's your free can't earn does only ten interceptions. You never highlight that. You never talk about that turnovers to glad to that. The point being cam newton more than they expected what they gave him which was the depleted roster in terms of personnel and in terms of assets to the tune of why. Tom brady left at the twenty years cam. Newton one's gonna be just fine fake action no death at the other reason. I genuinely think you should have faith. And cam newton. What other option do you have. And i don't mean literally in mack jones but you put a player on the football field because you believe that player completely get ax gave him newton roughly thirteen or fourteen million dollars because you believe he can play the game of football so how dare you undermine cam. Newton like the forty niners are actually doing with jimmy right not having made them individual. I'm in my lap in my take like this so i believe that a lot of ninety five percent of players in the nfl our nfl talented. Right there's five percent that you kind of like how may get into the league but ninety five percent are. nfl talented. What separates one from the other. Is their confidence in your straight up and down with individual from the communist. Give you the story. i'll give it an tedtalk one day. But i give it to. Y'all right now tedtalk talk. Two thousand and thirteen was my first year in philly. I think it was thirteen. Odell beckham comes into the league either. Thirteen or fourteen. I don't remember. I'm playing phillies. Plan on the giants. We played odell beckham. I wanna say week eight and by week. Eight odell beckham had two catches for thirteen yards. We played odell beckham again week. Seventeen the last game of the season. He had thirteen catches one hundred. Seventy seven yards and two touchdowns. Nothing taint soon. Be manning's tournament ball. Same offense coordinator same offensive line. Same head coach. What was the difference between eight and seventeen. Odell beckham made the catch Three finger cats throw becca. Made the catch. He became a different individual because he had faith in himself. And the giants had faith in him. Cam newton if you do have that kind of faith. You won't see that same cam newton. We used to coming up tom. Brady and peyton manning. Legendary rivalry will tell you our favorite rivalry you of all time nets. Beat tom brady and peyton. Manning had one of the biggest rivalries in sports history of reports say brady will attend manning's hall of fame induction ceremony this weekend. Brady had an eleven six record against a hall of famer so this got us thinking about other. Classic rivalries between athletes. So what is your favorite. All time playoff. I play a rivalry k. I i'm gonna go with extremely high hanging fruit highest of hanging fruit. And you remember you remember. You would've played against him. Aaron brooks saints saints corner. Saints quarterback quarterback quarterback brooks okay. Yes from two thousand one to two thousand him which we're talking about him. Because he was cousins with mike vick when my vittles starting quarterback okay falcons versus saints. They were going up cousin bursts cousin. I love that because two thousand and one. That's when i fall in love with the game based on the game of hide versus high hanging fruit. that's the highest highest thing a. Nobody thinks off like low hanging fruit. Say peyton birth. Tom brady high hanging. He does really bring up. Now let me. Just go some moderately hanging fruit. Now grits my very quickly ali-frazier. Ali frazier is my favorite rivalry. Remember they had a three peat. They had the the rumble that they had. A manila was the very last one. They had the fight of the century. Which was the first one and then they had the super fight. Which was the second one ends up. Ali winning two one. But i remember it goes fifteen rounds. the only time anyone ever got knocked down was the first fight. I believe it was frazier knocks down. Ali around fifteen takes a first one. I'll lead takes a second rally. Takes a third one thrill in. Manila was seen by one billion people like a michael jackson concert. One billion people. Globally we watch the super bowl. And oh my god. Twenty seven million fifty million one billion people with a botched. This rivalry amazing. That's my favorite one one. It's gotta go study wikipedia. You guys so people you wanted to wanted to billion oh doing it. Hit me for get out the tree. First of all forget the fruit. You treat them a high hanging hanging moderate hanging. Let's talk real some. That made you jump off the couch. Say rope i want to do that were you. Did i didn't want to do that. Okay i gotta run. A runner-up young tony. Boselli remember him see. This is my hot hanger. Fruit for you. And bruce smith if y'all know what i'm talking about go youtube. I was behind. Bruce smith and i was. I do not want to play this game. Play that guy. But then there was one that i used to watch our saw. The kitchen uh saw resistance saw the we lost all her toughness. Michael strahan versus john raw. Yeah what to see something hard. What stray hand hall of famer and run. You lose your right off the eagles and adversity. But he do. who's obese. I played it. Gives him a few times. These are so long as got him a couple of times. I hear this robbery. Used to just sit there and say this is. I'll play the position. This is at the highest form. This is the von graham. Couldn't like i'll sit there like this is how you play football at these positions. It was amazing to watch. Do we have any traditional as once. Normal ones whatever. Go back to wikipedia with the cowboys. Steelers excited would be excited to speak for yourself is next. What else will pay bruce. I on the facially footfall than baby. The cowboys and the nfl preseason started tonight. The hall of fame game on fox both teams have a lot to prove after last season. And it all starts. And i tell you about football football or you know what i get high. Let me stop. Football's back ru football is back. And then i can't wait. Oh look forward to this game but cowboys brooklyn near walk. Wellesley browsing cheese going down. That's it we'll see about..

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