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In Florida. The Panthers trailing Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final 2 -1 to the Vegas Golden Knights. Panthers star Matthew Kuchuk missed some time right around first intermission. Took a big hit in the first period. Did not return until the second. His return not doing much for the Panthers as they are still down by a goal and trying to avoid this 0 -3 hole. Back home the Wizards officially kicked off a new era with their leadership team of Michael Winger, Travis Schlenk and Will Dawkins. What's the expectation from that trio Ted Leonsis? Take some time and assess what we have, get to know the organization, the players, the city and then develop a plan. Tell me the resources that are needed and I'm committed to give them what they need to fill their vision. No Nationals today, the series finale with the Diamondbacks move to June 22nd due to the air quality. The Orioles though salvaged the last game of their series in Milwaukee with a come from behind 6 -3 victory down to level. Oklahoma beat Florida State 3 -1. They win their NCAA record 53rd straight game and in so doing, not a 3rd straight Women's College World Series title. They're the first team to do that since UCLA in 1990. Rob Woodfork, WTOP Sports. historic Another indictment of a former president, Donald Trump. A CBS News special report coming up after our full forecast including the air quality situation. Stay with us. Oh I cracked the hull of my new ski boat today. Oh my gosh why'd you do that it's not like i was trying to do it you know sorry that's rough My bad bro, did anyone witness this epic fail? Yes, this video's galore Now I'm a meme. Accidents don't just happen in sea shanties so Progressive Boat Insurance has you covered. Take as little as four minutes to see what you can save at Progressive .com. Progressive Cash Insurance Company and affiliates covered subject policy terms are not available for all boats or in our situations. The Cyber Executive Order tasks agencies to improve their cybersecurity posture, observability across systems and applications requires a trusted partner. 4Ink is an IBM Platinum partner helping government turn observability into automated action. 4Ink empowers agencies to maximize productivity efficiency and through IBM's Instana observability platform detecting risks affecting customer experience. Paired with IBM's Turbonomic software, users automate and ensure continuous performance. Visit C .com to learn more. I was ashamed to smile. My missing and decaying teeth affected my relationships, my career, my self -esteem and my health. With these implants, I feel like I have my life back. Dr. Gulpa's dental implant procedure is a miracle. Thanks to the

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