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These are all the things that you would have to deal with them. They're not easy. I think they're legitimately not easy. And I think as much as a lack of a will to to cut kids in there's there's a lack of of a real understanding of how it might be done. But I I there's gotta be a way to do it. And I think they have to do it. That's I think there's got to be something done sooner rather than later. The last temptation record, Tino, the story of corruption scandal in the big business of college basketball. Michael sokoll? Appreciate you coming on today. And book is is a great read. It's interesting, especially if you've got young kids out there who are looking to go into sports, and maybe have a chance at a scholarship, you should know a lot of the perils that are out there, man. Thank you. It was great to talk to you. Thank you at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter C H A D E N S O N. This has always been my solution. When it comes to something like this give them annuities. Give them a fund where the money goes in X amount of dollars, and they invest it. And then they able to get some of that money out later on down the road, whatever that is spread out some somewhat as evenly as possible understand. And maybe one or two kids get a little some extra everybody. Look eighteen year old understand through the best player in the world. Is the best player in your position is. I mean, we understand that. You know, that's sports is America. Crissy's. We see this. You're the best person out there you give us the best chance to win. You're the one who should get paid. The most we understand that. I've always understood that sports. I think all kids do and you need to cut them some slack. When it comes to. Well, it's not say it's not fair. That's a crap. But I think it newest and investments, I think it'd be very interesting to do something like that three two three five three twenty four twenty three at Chad. Shows you Twitter is the Chad Benson show. Freedom doesn't start in the White House. It starts in your house. Here's Helen krieble. A woman in Austin, Texas tripped over a toddler who is running inside a furniture.

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