Cell Division, Tetracycline discussed on Wellness 101


Mineral um it's a it's very very important part of a lot of different physiological functions um things like structure of certain proteins and enzymes and they can it can regulate help regulate gene expression um it plays a massive role in immune function plays a big role in protein synthesis our bodies ability to make and manufacturer proteins um it's very important for wound healing dna synthesis or are a bodies bility to make our own genetic map um our own dna we've we make that stuff on a on a regular basis um you know having enough zinc to be able to make sure that we do that and then cell division cell division it is a huge we want our cells to be able to splitting divide um and make more healthy cells um but in the skin what zinc does as the help plus the proper structure of proteins and cell membranes it improves wound healing um which is part of that immune function it's it has antiinflammatory effects and it helps protect us against uv radiation so uv radiation is as stuff he get exposed to when you out near you have sun shining directly on your face right law in several studies indicate dietary thank could verdes acne as effectively antibiotics like tetracycline ends which is huge yes we at the institute we.

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